Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Make Money Online By Optimizing Your Site

So, you have started to build a make money online blog. Now this is the time to get handful of visitors not only by regular visit, but also by search engines. For this purpose, you need to work hard to optimize your site by concentrating on Keywords.

Keyword optimization is an important aspect to make money online by attracting relevant search engines. The visitor who reached your site will definitely click your adsense ads if you haven't provided the required info.

How To Optimize?

While optimizing your site, you should keep these key points in your mind for better ranking position of your website.

  • Obtain links from other relevant sites especially with your keyword
  • Keywords in text links
  • Keywords in “title” attribute
  • Keywords in “comment” tag
  • Keywords in “alt” tag
  • Meta tags-”description” and “keyword”
  • Keyword proximity
  • Keywords in body text-especially near the beginning
  • Keywords in Heading
  • Keywords in Title
  • Keywords in URL (domain name)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

How To Get More Traffic From E-zineartilces?

Do you know about ezinearticles.com? It is nothing but a perfect article directory which gives more exposure to your site. Today I am going to expose a simple tip how to get more traffic from e-zinearticles.com. If you are able to maintain your article at the top of the article list in the prescribed category, then you can get more number of visitors.

How to Get Top Article List?

Last week I submitted an article on Wednesday- an article about Health- a good information with a product info. It was accepted Friday around 4.45pm EST. Ezinearticles.com quits approving articles at 5pm, SO MY ARTICLE stayed in the top list till next day morning 9am. Within that period I got I had 500 views, over 200 clicks, and at LEAST five sales.

In addition to more number of unique visitors, I gained additional exposure to publishers who have published my article, which further increased my unique visitors.

Although I know this is not easy to predict the time of approval, try to get approved towards the end of the day. You will be at the top of the results overnight if your article get published within last hour of any day, preferably on the weekend to get better results.

This is not going to help the basic authors, where their article will get published after couple of days. But the platinum authors article would be published within 30 minutes. So they can predict the time of publishing- preferably Friday 4.45 pm EST.

Hope this will help you to get more exposure to your article in ezinearticles.com.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Onine Casino Bluebook: Perfect Way To Make Money Online...

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