Sunday, September 30, 2007

Make Money Online As An eBay Seller

Wanna make money online as eBay seller? By following the simple tips below you can make easy money online.

To become an eBay seller, you ought to register yourself as a seller and subsequently the product was launched.

As an eBay home business, you should select the products that are in copious supply but not the one, which is not ready with you. If you find difficult in getting the supply of your item, locate a supplier who can provide the products at nominal cost.

Fix the price of the item, which includes the actual cost of the product and eBay-listing bill. But be aware that you should have little bit of profit after reducing the product cost and listing fees.

Test your product by placing the same product in several groups with different listing alternatives to test. Use the keywords abundantly in the articles of description of the products.

As you know very well, testing and experience favors a lot, fix a low bid initially. Say, quote zero points also! By placing this much amount, you won’t lose your money, when no one bids on that particular item. Sometimes, you ought to fix a low bid to stimulate bidding for making money online.

Paypal processes most payments. Use Paypal for collecting money from the consumers if you have no specific requirements. Credit cards also help in getting money.

You can clear your doubts on starting eBay home business by contacting the successful individuals those who are making money online easily. E-books and websites are giving suitable ideas on how to start a profitable eBay business in a phased manner.

Do check frequently the websites of other eBay sellers and also those who are selling the same items as like that of yours. Take note on the successful auctions of others.

If you want to make money online as eBay seller, you should fix your auctions in the weekend instead of weekdays. The main reason is that the potential buyers are available during this season only. If you want reap benefits from your product, float the bid in the week end.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Make Money Online Through Google Gadget Ads...

I know very well that you are aware of Google adsense. But Google announced a new strategy called Google Gadgets. By using Google Gadgets, you can make easy money online...

The main difference between the
Google ads and the Google gadgets is that the ads are interactive, engaging, and will appeal to your users, Simultaneously providing value to advertisers while getting visitors to stick around your site.

The main advantage of
Google Gadget is that the advertiser might receive more engaged users and users may experience richer ad experience. As far as publishers are concerned, they may experience increased competition for their ad space.

It is noticed that the
Gadget ads can take number of formats, sizes, and shapes, you can view them at GOOGLE GADGET AD CENTER.

Hope you'd love to hear this news for
making money online easily through GOOGLE...

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Make Money Online Using Virtual Credit Cards

Nowadays at least one of the fifth American is the victim of online credit card fraud. Hence most of them prefer to go for Virtual Credit Cards (VCC).

VCC offers you the safe online shopping with a disposable credit card number, which are of single use only. Hackers can't do anything with these random numbers, as they can't use it again once you used for your purchase.

If you want to make money online, the best way is to sell the virtual credit card through online itself. The cost varies from $4 to $400. You can earn few dollars as commission by selling these VCC.

You ought to market these VCC among the potential customers and convince them to purchase these unique cards. Even in some of the forums also you can see the sales of VCC for verifying the Paypal account.

Once you verified your account using the VCC, then you can withdraw money-using XOOM for receiving quick money. Mostly you can get your money within a week. Whereas the direct check receipt may vary from 15-45 days. (Even I have received a check after two months of my payment requisition through papal).

Still, why are you waiting? Search the Internet from where you can by these VCC in bulk and start to earn easy money online

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Make Money Online Through Million Dollar Wiki Page Purchase

Most of the youth generation are scooping their brain to invent new innovative ideas--How to earn quick money? One such idea is purchasing million dollar wiki page. You need not have own website. Just spend $100 to buy a page in a useful domain- Milliondollar wiki.

Actually, Graham Langdon's brain child is the Million Dollar Wiki. You can write anything in this page right from how to care for your pet to how to choose a perfect used car? The main thing is you should understand the need of the visitor. You can place different affiliate link by building a page for earn easy money also. (Jhon chow is using the page for promoting affiliate link...)

The Million Dollar Wiki webmaster is having an idea of selling $100/page for 10,000 pages. He started his site in the end of March 2007. Already he sold out 150 pages.He will allow the page to stay back for at least 15 years. (It is a quite looong period- Isn't it?)

Popular bloggers- Jhon Chow and shoe money already purchased and ringtone wiki respectively. They are using these pages formake money online wiki affiliate links and details about ring tones to catch hold of the visitors. So, how about you?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Start Make Money Online Instantaneously...

Are you a mother who is looking for home based business? Congratulations!!! At last you are in the site that gives you perfect ideas to make money online. In general most of the house-wives are looking to supplement their family income by earning extra through online.

Nowadays even kids are also keen to earn money online for their pocket money. Although some of the money making ideas are very ordinary and some with little beat. These money making ideas will definitely turn you as a successful businessman.

The available online services for a newbie to earn easy money online are: -

Idea Title Viewed

1. AdBrite 1205 times

2. Affiliate Marketer 1180 times

3. Agloco 5082 times

4. AWeber 749 times

5. Bulletin Board / Forum Owner 1273 times

6. CafePress Store 984 times

7. Casale Media 794 times

8. Chitika eMiniMalls 716 times

9. Commission Junction 741 times

10. Domain Names Trader 1180 times

11. Freelance Web Designer 1147 times

12. Google Adsense Program 1297 times

13. Infopreneur 1521 times

14. IntelliTXT 757 times

15. Internet Marketing Specialist 1372 times

16. Internet Researcher 1316 times

17. Kontera 1993 times

18. Online Comics 1425 times

19. Online Grocer 1030 times

20. Online Job Search 1140 times

21. Online Services Consultant 945 times

22. Online Services Provider 1019 times

23. Online Store 1273 times

24. Online Tutorials 1145 times

25. Online Video Rental 1008 times

26. Paid Online Surveys 1363 times

27. Specialized Online Directory 891 times

28. Text Link Ads 613 times

29. ValueClickMedia 622 times

30. Virtual Assistant 1078 times

31. Web Application Developer 1084 times

32. Web Games Developer 1009 times

33. Website Owner 1483 times

34. Yahoo Publisher Network 684 times

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Top 50 Search Engine Ranking Position For Make Money Online Blog

For making money online, you do require the keyword position of your blog in Google. I searched the net and found a useful tool to find out my SERP (Serach engine ranking Position). The result is as follows: -

S.No Date Keyword
108.09.2007apply blogspotcom card credit online site100
209.09.2007credit easy make money online ways1990
309.09.2007easy making money quick credit100
409.09.2007easy ways to make money online credit1010
510.09.2007great ways to make money credit100
611.09.2007make money quick and easy credit105
711.09.2007quick ways to make money credit100
813.09.2007ways to earn money quick credit100
908.09.2007blogspotcom insurance life mortgage online site200
1009.09.2007credit easy make money quick2330
1109.09.2007credit free make money quick ways2260
1209.09.2007easy make money online quick today2330
1309.09.2007free easy ways to make money credit206
1408.09.2007blogspotcom card credit online processing site300
1509.09.2007blogspotcom card credit merchant services site300
1610.09.2007earn money fast and easy credit300
1710.09.2007earn making money online credit300
1811.09.2007quick easy ways to make money credit305
1912.09.2007the pictures of the new switzerland money300
2009.09.2007credit easy home make money ways4390
2110.09.2007credit easy free make money ways4390
2210.09.2007easy way to make quick money credit404
2310.09.2007legitimate ways to make extra money credit407
2411.09.2007quick ways to make making money investment options403
2509.09.2007credit easy make money quick ways5280
2609.09.2007credit internet make money quick5290
2709.09.2007easy ways to make money at home credit509
2811.09.2007online money tips500
2911.09.2007programs earn making easy money502
3009.09.2007credit easy make money online way6330
3109.09.2007easy loan make money online ways6430
3210.09.2007earning money on lump sum600
3310.09.2007free ways to make money on the internet credit602
3411.09.2007making money selling mortgages600
3511.09.2007make easy money free credit605
3611.09.2007legitimate online money making credit600
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3811.09.2007online easy make money quick ways600
3909.09.2007easy way to make money at home credit7012
4009.09.2007credit easy internet make money over7260
4109.09.2007easy online money making programs702
4210.09.2007make fast easy money online credit704
4311.09.2007online money making site reviews700
4409.09.2007check money online order site8260
4509.09.2007easy loan make money quick ways8520
4611.09.2007make money with real online companies805
4708.09.2007application blogspotcom card credit online site900
4808.09.2007adsense affiliate easy way to make money903
4908.09.2007by earn easy make money payment receiving9600
5009.09.2007easy free make money online quick9290

Monday, September 24, 2007

Make Money Online by Participating a Contest in Slyvisions

Are you searching for perfect contest to increase your blog traffic? Then, is a perfect place to fulfill your requirements of making money online.

Sly, the blogger running a contest in his blog- Win a Free Ad Spot, Blog Review, and Text Link!

To enter you can either chip in $5 to the MacBook Pro fund or write about the contest on your blog (you get two entries as opposed to one if you do the former). Up for grabs to the winner is a a 125×125 banner spot on his blog, a free review of your site, and a link on his blogroll.

The winner will be randomly chosen on October 19.

Still why are you waiting? Please start posting about this offer in your blog and pull maximum number of contestants to get participated in this contest to get the results as soon as possible. ALL THE BEST!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Make Money Online Through Viral Marketing

Do you know there are numerous ways to begin viral marketing than the good old email marketing campaign? This is the high time to get know about those viral marketing techniques to make money online.

Although e-mail marketing is too old to use, still it is having its own role in viral marketing. E-mail would reach the clients hand directly.

Flash Games

This is another costly technique to make money online through viral marketing. The only difficulty is it is little costly to start with. For getting good viral marketing campaign this is considered to be an effective tool. It requires nothing from you after you've started these games.

Video Clips

Including interesting videos in your site will definitely made your visitors to bookmark your site for future reference. Sometimes they will refer your site to their friends for the cool videos in your site.

Tell-a-Friend Script

Adding this script in your website along with an assurance that you will never disclose the email address to third parties will help you to build a potential customer list.

Chat Rooms

A chat room in your website will help your customers not only to interact with each others but also review your product in an effective manner to increase the sales.

In addition to this, you can announce that in the chat room specilist on a particular subject is available to answer their querries in a given time in a given date.


Although this is an extension of email, providing valuable and timely information in the newsletter will definitely drive a huge traffic to your make money online site.

Do follow these simple tips of viral marketing to popularize your website among your preferred target groups. They will not only peep into your website but also make use of your affiliate links and adsense ads in your website to help you to make money online.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Things to Think Before Starting a New Make Money Online Blog

Congratulations for making a decision of starting a new make money online blog!!! Do you know google offers--257,000,000 results for searching the term- "Make Money Online"? Then, see how much competition you're having to optimize your blog for exposing the same to the online money makers. This is the high time to get know the things to think before starting a new blog on Internet income.

First and foremost thing is browse different money making blogs like, etc. to see how they are made posting and how they are getting income out of internet.

Then, identify the blogs that allow "do follow" comments because most of the blogs are allowing no follow comments. Hence google the term "no follow blogs". Build a list of these blogs and try to made at least 10 comments daily before going to bed and also immediately getting up early in the morning. Like this you can build simply 600 back links within a month time.

Register yourself with Webmaster forums-,, etc to expose your blog to different visitors.

Select the keyword with minimum hits per month by doing research in and Then try to write yourself at least 10 blogposts before starting the blogitself. Or rent a coder- who will write for minimum dollars- $1 per 100 words.

Now everything is ready. You should start a new make money online blog only. select either blogger or wordpress to launch a new blog. In my opinion, you can start your own domain by purchasing a domain name from GoDaddy and purchase minimal space webhosting for launching your new blog.

Either if you're going to start a new blog or hosting through blogger and wordpress, please select the wordpress themes for the new blogs. This theme is having very good facility to upload your articles and also will capture your visitors attention towards your make money online blog and made them to bookmark your blog... ALL THE BEST!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

How To Make Easy Money Online Without a Website?

Do you know the online money-making process has gone hectic changes during few past years?

These changes help a person who wants to make easy money online without website.

In the yester years, you need your own website to mint money online. Nowadays also it is not a bad idea to have website and earning a lot for your well being.

You can make easy money online without a website by following ways: -
  • Article Directories- You can write articles on behalf of other webmasters or bloggers for few dollars per article.
  • Blogging- You can start your own blog through blogger or wordpress. You can publish what you're passionate about for free. You can monetize your blog with affiliate promotion and Google Adsenseads.
  • PPC- Pay per click is a real way for you to grab hundreds of potential buyers in time.It is really incredible to seethe power of PPC.
Although I have named few ways of easy money online without a website, you can get more ideas in other blogs also. Anyhow, you've started to think about making money online. Hope you'll definitely hit the nail on the head.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Explode Your Blog Traffic with Blogrush

Wanna make money online from your blog? The best way is to increase your traffic to your blog. This will definitely help you to mint money as most of your visitors might have clicked your adsense or other ad services in your blog. So, your primary concern is to improve the traffic to your blog. The perfect way to improve traffic is to sign up with BLOGRUSH.

What is Blogrush?

Blogrush placed a widget on your blog. This widget contains five relevant topics of the top most bloggers of the blogrush. You can easily see the demonstration of this in a video shot in the website. The main advantage of clicking the ad in the widget is that a new page will be opened. So you need not worry about losing your visitor. The sample of widget is as follows:

Syndication Credit System Formula

They are following the syndication credit system formula. More over, a visitor who visited a blog through the widget may add few credits to your account, which may push you up in the blogrush directory. So your news feed will be displayed more time in the other bloggers widget to fetch you more visitors.

They are going to offer bonus credit also! They will be continuously improving BlogRush for a very long time to come. Then, still why are you waiting? All these benefits are available at free of cost only. So please sign up here...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

How To make money online with newsletters?

If you're new to newsletters marketing, then you will be also new to make money online with newsletters. I've got some solutions for the webmasters as I've researched a in the subject.

Do you know how to embark upon the task of emailing 50,000 addresses? You know most subscribers will block you if you hit their mail servers with multiple emails. For a list that size, you might want to look for a professional company.

There is a perfect way to make money online by means of newsletter advertising. You can sell space in the newsletters for advertisement, which makes your subscriber to click the ad in the newsletter.

Nowadays the average life span for a newsletter member never crosses 6-8 weeks and most subscribers possessing 6-8 email addresses at a point of time. Hence if you lose say 500 subscribers a month through abandon email boxes, unsubscribe, etc. then you need to make sure to have over 500 new members join.

If you have more than 5000 subscribers, you need to seek the help of any professional agency that take care of newsletter delivery. But this agency should be a white listed in major email providers like Hotmail, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

Last but not least to bear in mind is-analyze perfectly how many emails are valid and how many people open the email beefore sending Newsletters for making money online.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Simple SEO Tips for Make Money Online Through Blogging

Wanna to make your blog rank much higher in Search Engines? Then do follow these simple Search engine optimization techniques to get more traffic to your blog to earn easy money online.

1.Primary keyword usage in your domain

Try to select the domain with your primary keyword. Please bear in mind that use hyphen between two words domain (e.g. instead of because except google , Yahoo and MSN other search engines cannot identify your primary keyword in the domain name unless you use hyphen inbetween.

2. Include primary keyword in the sub domain

If you're launching a site about webhosting. Your target keyword is free webhosting and your domain name is, then your subdomain should be

3. Primary keyword in the title

Try to include the primary keyword in the title itself. If your target keyword is free webhosting, try to include this keyword not only in the title but also in the H1 and H2 tag of the particular article.

4. Secondary keyword usage

Try to identify the secondary keywords for your selected term and include the same in the body of the article to get more traffic for your blog to make money online easily.

5. Blog Backlinks

Try to build relevant back links for your blog. you can submit your blog to top blog directories listed in this link-

If you have any interested article in any blog, generously give back link to your blog because the trackback will become a link back to your blog.

Posting non-spammed comments in the "do-follow" blogs of your relevant niches will help you to build back links and also more traffic for getting easy money line.

Last but not least try to back link with the adsense blog not only to get more traffic but also you can earn more money through blogging...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Simple Tip For Make Money Online

Wanna make money online? Now I am going to narrate a simple tip for getting easy money. Do visit clickbank. Try to register immediately. So you can easily promote the products. Do select a product that pays well.

Now you can go to overture or wordtracker to search for the keyword of that particular product. Then select a domain name on that product with the selected key name.

Next step is to find a perfect web hosting company for the domain. Now it is time for you to bring traffic to your recently built clickbank product website. For that you can use different methods including- submitting articles to the free article sites (like ezinearticles,, etc.), forum signature posting, submitting to directories and search engines. This will generate good traffic.

Last but not least don't forget to collect your checks from clickbank every 2 weeks. So this simple tip of make money online will definitely help you to earn few dollars to fill up your wallet...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Myspace Resources

Are you member in Myspace? Tired of the same old Myspace layouts? Head over to Myspace Tweaks

Everything they have is custom made to perfection. You won't find these tweaks anywhere else. Get rid of your default profile, and tweak it out today.

Don't loose this golden opportunity!!! Please keep visiting them because they will offer you new themes also!

It is damn sure that you only not going to loose your heart but also your friends after uploading these new innovative themes as your profile
for the latest codes, generators, layouts, graphics, icons and more.

How Do Prevent Google Adsense Fraud?

Are you concerned about potentially malicious behavior on the web especially with your Adsense? The malicious behavior includes having your ad code stolen for placing on an inappropriate site to get banning for Adsense fraud. Now you can easily get rid of this problem.

Now you'll find a new tab called
Allowed sites in your Adsense account. By clicking the Allowed Sites link under your AdSense Setup tab, is the place for you to list sites or URLs where you want to allow your ads to appear.

If your competitor steals your adsense code to get you banned from Adsense, this procedure of including your sites in your adsense account will help you lot...

Sites that are not listed under your adsense setup tab, which shows your adsense code won't appear on your reports. The advertiser won't get charged for get click on that ad. So there will be no problem for the Publisher and the advertiser. Thanks Google!!! For details read this post about Allowed and clear...

Thursday, September 6, 2007

What is Bum Marketing?

Are you targetting low keyword niche with little competition? Then you can choose bum marketing. In this procedure, you write an article that links back to your site/blog/affiliate program. In other words, you don't need any or little upfront costs to get started and to maintain your online businesses.

The main objective of the Bum marketing is to keep repeating this procedure in order to get steady income stream. It seems to be simple, but you ought to learn how to perfect it. Then only you can achieve good income.

Although you are using no cost or very low cost methods to earn affiliate commissions for niche affiliate marketing programs, most bum marketers use affiliate marketing in some form and perhaps some pay per click advertising when they earn the funds to pay for it.

In nut shell, bum marketing is the best way to make money as an affiliate without a huge investment of money. If you use it everyday and it will work very well with nothing more than a blog.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Basic Facts of Mortgage Life Insurance

Now-a-days most of the people are opting for online mortgage life insurance. The main fact behind this action is that this insurance not only protects the home but also family by providing a lump sum to pay off your mortgage in the event of the client's death.

In order to get mortgage life insurance, your house should be a new constructed one or old one.

The face value of the insurance policy will usually start at the amount of the mortgage. You should know that mortgage life insurance is not an ordinary life insurance.

There are two types of mortgage life insurance. They are level term insurance and decreasing term insurance.

It is essential to protect your family and home, by adopting any one of the type of the mortgage life insurance.

Monday, September 3, 2007

A Perfect Contest to Earn $250 On a Perfect Blog

Today I came across a wonderful blog called Nuts & Milk. They simple made $1100 in a month (not through adsense, fifty percent of earning is through blog reviewing). Check their site for details on how to make money online. This is really an amazing thing in the Internet world because they started earning this much pennies within three months of blogging.

Try to subscribe their feed because they are posting at least three postings per day. I already subscribed their feed through Google.

Now they have started a contest. The guys over at are having a contest and are giving away 250$ as the prize money. You too can enter the contest just by blogging about them. Nuts & Milk is a blog on tech news & online tips & tricks.

Are you having a blog? Don’t wait!!! Just grab this opportunity to gain $250. Who knows you may be a lucky winner…

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Make Money Online: Selling Your Past Essays

I think you know various ways to make money online. But recently I came across a new concept of getting paid for our past essays, coursework and dissertation. Are you really amazed? Yes!!! If you are having your past work (unpublished), you can readily make use of

In this site, even you can also work for different projects. Although there are numerous ways to earn money online, this is one of the legitimate site. I am recommending this site not as sponsored post--Just came across this site and do want to share with you.

As you know very well that most of money earning opportunities needs investment scheme and some are ponzi site as well. So you can peek into this site for selling your past dissertation, coursework, and essays ( All The Best!!!