Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Things to Think Before Starting a New Make Money Online Blog

Congratulations for making a decision of starting a new make money online blog!!! Do you know google offers--257,000,000 results for searching the term- "Make Money Online"? Then, see how much competition you're having to optimize your blog for exposing the same to the online money makers. This is the high time to get know the things to think before starting a new blog on Internet income.

First and foremost thing is browse different money making blogs like, etc. to see how they are made posting and how they are getting income out of internet.

Then, identify the blogs that allow "do follow" comments because most of the blogs are allowing no follow comments. Hence google the term "no follow blogs". Build a list of these blogs and try to made at least 10 comments daily before going to bed and also immediately getting up early in the morning. Like this you can build simply 600 back links within a month time.

Register yourself with Webmaster forums-,, etc to expose your blog to different visitors.

Select the keyword with minimum hits per month by doing research in and Then try to write yourself at least 10 blogposts before starting the blogitself. Or rent a coder- who will write for minimum dollars- $1 per 100 words.

Now everything is ready. You should start a new make money online blog only. select either blogger or wordpress to launch a new blog. In my opinion, you can start your own domain by purchasing a domain name from GoDaddy and purchase minimal space webhosting for launching your new blog.

Either if you're going to start a new blog or hosting through blogger and wordpress, please select the wordpress themes for the new blogs. This theme is having very good facility to upload your articles and also will capture your visitors attention towards your make money online blog and made them to bookmark your blog... ALL THE BEST!!!

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Neha Nair said...

What have you done after earning soo much online? anything constructive?