Monday, September 3, 2007

A Perfect Contest to Earn $250 On a Perfect Blog

Today I came across a wonderful blog called Nuts & Milk. They simple made $1100 in a month (not through adsense, fifty percent of earning is through blog reviewing). Check their site for details on how to make money online. This is really an amazing thing in the Internet world because they started earning this much pennies within three months of blogging.

Try to subscribe their feed because they are posting at least three postings per day. I already subscribed their feed through Google.

Now they have started a contest. The guys over at are having a contest and are giving away 250$ as the prize money. You too can enter the contest just by blogging about them. Nuts & Milk is a blog on tech news & online tips & tricks.

Are you having a blog? Don’t wait!!! Just grab this opportunity to gain $250. Who knows you may be a lucky winner…

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