Friday, May 31, 2013

Low cost web hosting – Is it worth?

Congratulations!!! Just finished your first website? So this is the high time to look for hosting providers of varied nature. You may crack your head whether to go for free web hosting or paid web hosting or low web hosting. Let’s have some discussion on these aspects.

Although free web hosting is offered at no cost, most of the webmasters are opting for either paid web hosting or low cost web hosting. This low cost web hosting can be obtained by shared web hosting. This is the cheapest of all the forms of web hosting.

If you opt for free web hosting, the service provider will display their banners on the top of your web page. If you want to lift the banner of the free web-hosting provider, you need to pay minimal amount.

Low cost web hosting provides you with a host of features, which enables you to create your dream web site at minimal cost. If you’re a student, simply purchase a low cost web-hosting package. Here you can experiment your SEO or web designing skill before launching a perfect website.

Even you can opt for Yahoo personal website that provides you with a lot of features for low cost and even free. The main limitation with the low cost web hosting is the minimal number of e-mail account provided with the package. You need to perform online research on this aspect if you do require more email accounts.

Most of the low cost web hosting offers free setup but minimal MB space. Hence check with the provider for the MB of space. If you seek help of the low cost web hosting, then uptime of the server should also be checked for uninterrupted service.

Even you can add few sub domains as some of the low web hosting companies provides this facility. If you want to measure their service, just unearth the number of customers they have. A perfect low web hosting company provides more number of customers.

In addition to this, the low web-hosting provider offers 24 hr technical and customer support. You can knock the door of the customer service at any time to sort out any problem that you face during hosting.

Low cost web hosting bandwidth is also limited. Always select the provider with higher bandwidth to get many users to critique your site. Initially you can sign up for 100 MB bandwidth also!

Many cheap web hosting companies provides free data bases including MySQL, PHP, Unix, etc. For other databases like MS SQL you need to pay minimal amount to the web-hosting providers, which depends on the size of the database that you require.

The main three advantages of low cost web hosting are:
  • Reseller Hosting Benefits
  • Minimal Overhead Costs with Cheap Web Hosting
  • Save Money for Now and the Future

FrontPage extensions, Web file manager support, Web mail support and Site builder tools are easily available with the low cost web hosting.

Your requirement list should be prepared before choosing a low web-hosting provider. You can seek the help of the Internet to look out for low cost web hosting.

This kind of low cost web hosting is the best option to go for the first timers. Start saving with cheap web hosting today!