Monday, December 22, 2008

Top Three Ways To earn Traffic

Is your website or blog getting lonely because it doesn't get much traffic?
Here are 3 easy ways to get more visitors.

Ads on Craigslist

There is no fee to post an ad on Craigslist. Don't just post the same ad
to a lot of different categories and cities in the hope that more people
will see it and respond to it. If you want to post an ad to more than one
city make sure the subject of the ad and the ad itself is different, otherwise the
ad may be flagged as spam and deleted. Ads last for 45 days and then need to be

The urls posted on Craigslist get spidered by the search engines on
a regular basis which means there's a good chance that the url will
get indexed.

Write 15 different headlines and 15 different ads. Post one new ad
to a new city each day for two weeks. The headlines should be as
different as possible. The ads themselves only need to vary by 30%
or so.


The ads are free and have the advantage of being indexed quickly by
search engines. Be creative with your ads. Think of a reason why
someone should visit your site and turn that into a 5 or 6 sentence
ad. Anytime you write an ad think of the benefits to the potential
customer not the attributes of your product/website.

Post one new ad each day for two weeks. Change up the title and the
content of the ad. You could use the same ads as those posted on

Amazon profile and submit reviews for books and products

It's easy and free to set up an Amazon profile. Think of books
you've already read and write a brief review. It doesn't have to
be more than a couple hundred words. At the end of the review
include the name of your product/book/website. You can't include a
link at this point because Amazon doesn't want people visiting
other sites. If you have a book include the ISBN. It's easy for
people to search on an ISBN and get exactly your book, rather than
searching your name, or book title.

You can get double duty from your reviews by setting up a blog and
posting the same reviews to your blog. In each review include a
link to your website.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ping Your Blog: Perfect Way To Get More Search Engine Traffic

Pinging is an act of notifying the search engine server that its content has been updated. You ought to ping as many as you can to get good results. You can easily find out the sites that can do multiple pings at once and they are F.R.E.E.

Pinging is a perfect way to notify the blog search engines that your blog is updated...

Few pinging sites are: -



Feed Shark

Feed Ping Free Website


Ping Your Blog


Make use of these pinging websites to make money online easily. Once your blog is noticed by the search engines that you're updating regularly, you can earn money online.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How To Select Best Credit Card?

Credit card plays an important role in everybody's life by tracking one's own expenses. If you study the market, simply you can find out a best company hat offers best credit card. The best credit card company will be available in the market without bankruptcy, whereas bogus companies will disappear in no time.

There are various credit cards- domestic credit card, international credit card and business credit cards. You can choose your option according to your usage. Business credit cards are widely used by

You should select a credit company that offers low APR as well as exciting rewards. Even some companies offer the highest number of cash back percentages. You should be very keen to study the credit card market.

If you're not well-versed in selecting a best credit card company, you can simply peep into few of the websites that research on Low APR or Annual Percentage Rate, Cash Back Rewards and Attractive Introductory Offer.

Even some of the companies are offering insurance benefit to the credit card holders. I have researched a lot on these aspect and finally found few sites that help the customers to select a best credit card compnay. You can Google out the term- request credit and find various sites that help in selecting best credit cards.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Creating Keyword Rich On-site Linking- A perfect way To Get Top 10 google Results

Most of the webmasters are cracking their heads to get a placement in top ten Google results. Most of them know that obtaining backlinks is the ONLY way to get top ten placement in Google search engine results. In addition to this, you should know that back links are the difference between top or not. If your website is as good as your competition, and yet for some reason you are not on top, then you can bet it is because they have more quality back links.

The power of one way links is as important as anything else you do.

Most of the bloggers don't care about pagerank but care about the search engine results. PageRank doesn't matter. The links matter!

Even though your site/blog is having PR-6, your competitor website/blog with PR-3 may outnumber your position owing to the reason that that blog/site is having more on-site linking than yours.

It stands to reason that if every page of a site carries link juice, the more pages you have with external incoming links, the better. Combine that with good keyword loaded internal linking and you are on to a winner. It's just hard to get enough incoming links from diverse sources - choose a perfect source to get more backlinks to all your pages than more links pointing to your HOMEPAGE. Then work on in it to get more on-site linking to get a better position in the Google search engine results.

Getting more on-site linking not only favor you to get top ten position in Google results but also you can make money online.


Saturday, November 29, 2008

How to Make a Blogroll Link in Home Page Only?

A blog (a contraction of the term "Web log") is a Web site, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. (source: Wikipedia)
Nowadays bloggers are keen to sell blogroll links despite Google hates this activity.

While selling links few of the link buyers are specifically insist that they don't like sitewide links. In wordpress blogs, it is really difficult for a newbie to change a sitewide link into home page only. It is more difficult for a blogger noobs. So I would like to throw few lines on this subject.

You ought to insert a simple code in a link if you want to display something only on homepage, and nowhere else in footer, post pages, not on navigation links or in archives. It is really impossible to do it with the help of wordpress.

The simple code you need to install:-

nd this will work for you. I am really interested to know the feedback from your end. HAPPY BLOGGING!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More Visitors = More Income

I think you know this equation - more visitors = more income. But the big question is how to get more traffic by drawing attention of the web browsers. Do you think it is very easy? I don't think so. I have tried for the past one year to get more traffic for this blog. Just now I am getting 100 unique visitors per day. It is not enough to make money online.

If you want to earn money online, you should get at least 1000 unique visitors per day. You can So got two ways to increase your traffic.

1. You can sign up with any of the PTC site and can get very good traffic. But it is really useless. The visitors will come and stay in your site for minimal period without reading your site/blog and fly away.

2. Building useful backlinks to your site either through link exchange or buying links in relevant niche.

Many people are trying the second method especially three way link exchange. If you want make money onine, the best way to get traffic for your blog/site is going for three-way link exchange. All the best!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Top Ten Make Money Online Forums

Do you know the best way of make money online? If not, please do get membership in different make money online forums to know about recent trends in make money online. Even you can get descent backlinks from these forums by signing in and place your site/blog in your signature.

I have browsed various forums and build top ten make money online forum list for the benefit of getting POWERFUL backlinks.

1. Digital Point

2. Warrior Forums
3. iWebtool Forums
4. Bloggeries Forum
5. DNX expert Forum






Sunday, November 9, 2008

Make Money Online Tip- "Upload Speaktome Widget"

Are you success in getting at least 1000 unique visitors for your blog/site? But you're making less than a dollar a day from a combination of AdSense, affiliate marketing, etc.Then you're missing out something. Recently I came to know about a new product called- "Speaktome". This product guarantees over $50 from the same visitors.

SpeakToMe is a perfect service, which will help you monetize your website. How to get money from this site? It is really simple. Go live in front of your audience, and give them a chance to speak to you directly over the telephone and via a web link for a per-minute charge.

"The biggest problem for successful online publishers is getting paid for their work," says Ted Murphy, President of SpeakToMe. "The three legged stool of print journalism, publisher-reader-advertiser, is simply not available online. The only categories that get paid online are keyword search and classifieds. 3% of the internet page views make over 75% of the money. Search and classifieds generate a $40 CPM while everybody else makes less than $1 CPM."

The answer to the problem, Mr. Murphy figures, is to offer a service that allows readers to pay the publisher directly for a personal, one-on-one pay-by-the-minute private session. That's where the SpeakToMe Expert Service product comes in. Webmasters can toss the SpeakToMe widget on their website and accept payment from their audience within the comfortable confines of their own website. There are no up-front costs to the webmaster, and the set up procedure takes minutes.

Give a chance to your visitors to get exposed with SpeakToMe. What is your opinion? Are there any online personalities you would pay to speak to directly?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Great Discount: Grab .Net and .US domains for $4

GoDaddy is offering .Net and .US domains for just $4 as election special. This offer will long last up to November-7th.

So don't wait till last day. Go and register with GoDaddy to grab this offer.

You should use the coupon code as follows:-

Coupon: cjcVOTE
Expires: November 7, 2008
Last checked: November 4, 2008


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

[Inside AdSense] Block this way

When we notice a spike in readers who are interested in a specific topic, we like to address it as soon as we can. There's been some interest in filtering ads from publisher pages, so here's a quick refresher on the filtering tools we offer:

Competitive Ad Filter

You can restrict contextually-targeted and placement-targeted ads from appearing on your pages by adding the URL of each ad to your Competitive Ad Filter. After logging in to your account, click the AdSense Setup tab and visit the 'Competitive Ad Filter' page. You can also find full instructions and tips for entering in specific URLs in our Help Center. To determine the URL of an ad, try the AdSense Preview Tool or follow these steps. Please keep in mind that it may take several hours for the filter to take effect.

Ad Review Center

The Ad Review Center gives you additional control over the placement-targeted ads that may appear on your pages. Using the Ad Review Center, you can review specific ad groups and advertisers before they appear on your pages, and also block ads by type. You'll need to opt in to the Ad Review Center at the top of your Competitive Ad Filter page, and then you can begin reviewing ads.

Posted By Inside AdSense Team to Inside AdSense at 11/03/2008 06:24:00 P
Having trouble viewing the links or images in the message above? Visit .

You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "Inside AdSense" group.
To unsubscribe from this group, send email to
For more options, visit this group at

Monday, November 3, 2008

Why you Need RSS Feed for Your Blog/Site?

Do you know you can get all the information on the web today for different reasons like news, blogs, marketing, stocks and share? an average person finds it really difficult to look into each and every website daily. So, RSS feeds play an important role in providing info at one place, no other than your inbox.

RSS is nothing but a XML file which allows syndication of lists of hyperlinks with essential information, which enables the reader to decide what link whey are willing to see.

If you want your life so easier, just subscribe to the site which you like. I personally use FEEDBURNER only is it very user friendly lightweight and completely free.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Chitika Gives $200 - Interesting Placement Contest

Chitika have launched an interesting contest for the most interesting/cool/unique placement of Chitika | Premium ads! The Prize is $200.

What is the pleasant placement? Just have a look at the ad below:-

How To Enter?

It is really simple. You have to place the chitika premium in your site or blog. Then post your link as a comment in the blog contest post.


First Prize- $100

Two Runners will get $50

Still why are you waiting? Go and get your chitika Code and place an ad to enter into the contest. You're not only get prizes, but also will get HUGE money if any of your visitor clicked the premium ads. You can easily earn money online with Chitika. Happy Blogging with Chitka!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

GoDaddy Promocode For Getting .Com, .Org, .Net domain Names at $1.99

I have booked a new .com domain with the GoDaddy Promocode. for $1.99. I think this is a perfect offer. If you're intend to book a domain, please use this Godaddy Promocode to get the doamins at doen-to-earth price of $1.99

The Code is

You can book only one domain per account. I don't know when this offer will be deleted by Godaddy. So Do't wait till last minute. Book your dream domain immediatley. Happy Domaining!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Importance of Domain Name

Do you know domain name plays an important role in getting your blog popular? Yes... It is really important to make a blog profitable. Picking a good domain name that is descriptive of your niche/problem that you are addressing is vital.

Importance of domain name depends a lot of how much do you advertise. You can always use the Google external keywords tool when looking for a domain. You should usually put in the main keyword for the niche you are looking for and then do a search to see what the most popular searches are.

Of course you must do all the right SEO techniques to help your site get ranked, but at least you know the name is going to help you.

As the domain name is the first thing that your potential customers will encounter, you should choose the domain name in such a way, they can remember very easily...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Twitter Blog: Replies On Mobile Site

Nowadays microblogging is gaining its importance. Among microblogging platform twitter is the top most one.

Those of you who used to access twitter on mobile were unable to access @replies. Now Twitter users can access @replies through mobile site. The announcement was made on the Twitter Blog.

You can easily make money online by means of this microblogging.

Twitter Blog: Replies On Mobile Site

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Huge Entrecard Contest

There's Huge Entrecard Contest which is waiting for you to win. is having its celebrating of the blog new looked. There will be more than 70,000EC giveaway.Check out these awesome Prizes
1st Prize:
30,000EC from Freebie Reporter125×125 ad for a month from The Asian Economist125×125 ad for a month from Free Famous Quotes1 VIP membership to CreateBanner.com1 Entrecard banner design from A Phone Sex Life
2nd Prize:
20,000EC from Freebie Reporter1 VIP membership to CreateBanner.com125×125 banner ad for a month from Journal Of Journey125×125 banner ad for a month from Charcotrip.com1 month blogroll link from A Phone Sex Life
3rd Prize
2000EC from SimpleBrowser2000EC from Debit vs Credit1500EC from Positive Thinking2000EC from Realm of Prosperity1500EC from NickThrolson1000EC from Fantasy Baseball125×125 ad for 3 months from Cash Advance Blog1 VIP membership to
Other Prizes:
EC Credits:
11 Lucky winners will get 1000 credits from one of our fabulous sponsors:
1000EC from Michael Aulia
1000EC from Øblog
1000EC from Better Inspirational Communication
1000EC from Random Detox
1000EC from Multiply Themes
1000EC from Momawannabe
1000EC from Singaporean In London
1000EC from WhoisAbhi
1000EC from
1000EC from A Second Cup
1000EC from Kutsara at Tinidor
4 Lucky winners will get premium advertising spots from the following bloggers:
125×125 ad for a month from Positive Thinking
125×125 ad for a month from Gift Reviews
1 month blogroll link from Freebie Reporter
125×125 ad for a month from Freebie Reporter
That’s a total of 17 prizes that will be distributed between the people who participate in the contest.All the winners will be picked by using the random list generator at .
Contest ends on 10 Oct 2008! Click on the link to find out more info on how to participate.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

270 Bloggers That Use Facebook

Facebook is the perfect internet marketing tool and is being used by few bloggers. As this is the rapidly growing social networking sites, most of the bloggers make use of it to attract traffic to their blogs.

Darren from Problogger composed a nice list of 270 bloggers that use Facebook, a good tool to use to build their network marketing business. If you’re a blogger and use Facebook, this is a list that you must check out. From over 270 bloggers, there has to be someone in there you know that you can add. So get to work and add away!

Link: 270 Bloggers That Use Facebook

Saturday, September 20, 2008 Adds SocialThing

Just now read in blog that they have added a social thing into their onslaught of supported services.

If you don't have a chance to sign up with, now you can easily get enrolled as they have invited 1000 luckiest persons by means of invite from old ping members. Already a member in socialthing and No problem!!! Use the beta code “socialthing” through your Ping console to add your SocialThing account and get started pinging!

One step further SocialThing has added to their services, allowing you to Ping directly from your SocialThing interface.

Friday, September 12, 2008

How To Increase your Feed Readers Count?

Have you ever visited popular make money online blogs like,,, The feeburner number for these blogs are really high. Johnchow feedburner count stands- 32006.

Do you want to increase your feedburner number just like this? John Chow used dirty tricks to increase feedburner count. I don't want to discuss about that lacunae in the feedburner counter.

I have tried another black hat technique to increase the feedburner number, which is easy for all the blogger noobs. It is nothing but traditional email subscription way.

  • You ought to create new email address from all the possible free email network like hootmail, rediffmail, fastmail, gmail, hotmail, etc
  • Subscribe your blog with these new email IDs
  • Immediately confirm the email ID by verifying the same.
  • You can made so many email addresses and repeat the same procedure with all.

That's all!!! Now your feedburner will show the increased feedburner count. Do you think subscribing using your own email will help to drive more traffic? NO... It will not help in long run. The original content only will help you to make your blog unique.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

5000 EC Give Away Contest

EntreBlast just launched the Summer Credit Splash! The contest prizes are just pure ECs. They have a total of 36,000 ECs up for grabs spread over just a few lucky winners. The goal initially was to hit 30,000 ECs but thanks to a few generous last minute sponsors, the prizes have been upped! This is the first ever EntreBlast contest, but they assured that it certainly will not be the last.

The Prizes

They thought about just having three winners but that was deemed unfair. There are 6 EC prizes up for grabs, increasing your chances of winning something!

1st Prize - 17,000 ECs
2nd Prize - 10,000 ECs
3rd Prize - 6,000 ECs
4th Prize - 2,000 ECs
5th & 6th Prizes - 500 ECs

The Sponsors

Time to thank those who have contributed to the contest. Or else, there wouldn’t be nearly this many ECs up for grabs!

5000 ECs
Josh’s Unconventional Marketing Blog WP Themes Gallery

4000 ECs

2000 ECs
Wordpress Theme Designer

1500 ECs

Whatever I Feel Like Blogging About

1000 ECs

WorldWide Travel Blog KushMoney WeLoveNature Musuan ReapMoneyOnline Wedding Cake Hints Diet Pulpit Orangeinks Treasure Nature Bits and Pixels 60 Mile Walk for Breast Cancer Take It To The Limit My Life At Ninety: Looking Back and Moving On Twins Happiness There is Happiness The Path to the Pegasus Letter Better Interpersonal Communication Ez DIY Electricity Raise the Jolly Roger!

How to Enter

Entering is simple. Earn points by completing certain tasks. The more points you earn, the more entries you’ll receive for the contest. So, if you complete a lot of things as opposed to doing just one, your chances of winning will be greatly increased! Keep track of your own points, and at the end of the contest, a post will be up instructing you to comment on it with your point tally. So, open up Mircosoft Word, and make sure to keep track of how many points you’ve earned. Make sure to link to everything you do. Well, everything you can link to anyways. Comments you make, posts you write, things like that should be linked to so you can just copy and paste your tallied list into a comment at the end of the contest.

Ways to Earn Points

Subscribe by E-mail to EntreBlast (required) - 2 points. Enter your e-mail in the field provided in the EntreBlast site. In addition to getting points, and being able to enter the contest, you’ll be receiving new posts from EntreBlast to your e-mail address regularly! If you are already subscribed, you’re already in! Must be a valid e-mail address.
Make a quality comment on any post - 1 point. You can earn a maximum of 3 points for this one. So, make 3 comments on posts and you will have earned 3 points. Plus, it will bring you closer to being the top commentator!

Be the Top Commentator on EntreBlast for the week - 3 points. Be number one on the Top Commentator list (located in the sidebar) by the end of a week and earn three points. However, there are three chances to be the Top Commentator over the course of the contest, so if you happen to be the top commentator every time, that is 9 points already!

Blog about the contest or EntreBlast - 5 points. Blog about the Summer Credit Splash or just blog about EntreBlast, and you will earn 5 points. Be sure to link to either this contest post or EntreBlast.

Blog about the contest and list all sponsors - 10 points. This is a big one. They want to show the contest sponsors that they made this possible by giving them some love. Blog about this contest and copy the list of sponsors and include it in your post, and earn double the points. You will not earn 15 points for doing this and by bloging about the contest only. Either pick this one or that.

Track Your Points

Remember to keep track of your points as you go along. They will not be collecting point tallies until the contest is over! To make it easier, this is how they suggest it:

  • Subscribe to e-mail to EntreBlast (required) - Just remember the e-mail address you subscribed with.
  • Make a quality comment on any post - Track the name you use for commenting, and link to the posts you comment on.
  • Be the Top Commentator on EntreBlast for the week, but they will be the ones basically keeping track of these.
  • Blog about the contest or EntreBlast
  • Just a link to the post
  • Blog about the contest and list all sponsors
  • Remember the link to the post
That is it!

The contest ends on September 1st. The next day they will be collecting points and on September 8th they will announce the winners!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What is Black Hat Technique?

Black hat technique is nothing but to trick the search engines into believing a site is most relevant. Legitimate businesses shouldn’t consider black hat techniques to rank. But some of the webmasters are still managing to do black hat techniques to get high rank from Google and Yahoo.

Even some of the webmasters are scam the feedburner count to get high reader count by simply altering the code. Thereby they pretend to show that they are having huge readers to get more money through link sales. So webmasters who are procuring links should aware this black hat technique before investing their dollars in link purchase.

Black Hat techniques are truly defined by whether or not they hurt the client. But it will do...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Whether Market Leverage Helps to Make Money Online?

Do you know what is market leverage means? When you publish an "offer" or ad they provide, a user clicks through on this ad and completes some sort of action - This is Market Leverage. Market Leverage is an internet affiliate marketing network.

The action might be something simple like entering their email address and confirming, or it might involve a purchase of some kind. Once this action is complete, you are paid for providing the advertiser, who provided the ad through ML, the user's information (or sale).

I am in a mood to make use of this technique to make money online. Do you think I will succeed in my project? If so, please enumerate different market leverage programs available in the Net.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Adsense Alternatives- The Big List?

Just now rediscover the perfect list of adsense alternatives for the benefit of adsense banned webmasters. Hope these are also best make money online ways. But I don't think they will brought the related ads. Any how the big list is below-

1. Absolute Agency
2. AcceleratorMedia
3. ad pepper media
4. adagency1 *
5. AdBrite *
6. Adconian
7. AdDynamix
8. ADEngage
9. Adgenta QAds
10. adgridwork
11. Adicate
12. Adify
13. AdJungle
14. Adknowledge *
15. AdlandPro
16. Adlink Media
17. AdMentum
18. AdMob
19. AdOrigin
20. Ads-Click
21. ADSDAQ Ad Exchange
22. adsmarket
23. AdSmart
24. adtechnica
26. AdToll
28. Advertlets
29. AdVolcano *
30. AffiliateFuel
31. AffiliateFuture *
32. Agendize
33. AmaSensAds
34. Amazon
35. Ampira Media
36. Anastasia International
37. Auction Ads *
38. AVN Ads *
39. Axill
40. AzoogleAds
41. Bannerconnect
42. BannerSpace
43. BardzoMedia
44. BClick
45. Bidvertiser
47. Black Label Ads *
48. BlinkAccess
49. BlogAds
50. BlogKits
51. BlueFN *
52. BlueLithium
53. BurstMedia *
54. buyat
55. Casale Media
56. CBprosense
57. Chitika *
58. Claxon *
59. Click2Sell
60. ClickBank
61. Clickbooth
62. Clickhype
63. Clicksor *
64. clickXchange
65. clixGalore
66. CNet Shopper
67. Commission Junction
68. Commission Monster
69. Copernic Media
70. CoverClicks *
71. CPX Interactive
72. CrispAds *
73. CyberBounty
74. DarkBlue
75. Dragon Media Online
76. eBay AdContext
77. eClickZ
78. Enhance Interactive
79. eType Europe
80. eType USA
81. ExpoActive
82. Fair Ads Network
83. Federated Media
84. FineClicks
85. FluxAds
86. Gorilla Nation
87. Her Agency
88. HispanoClick
89. Hyperbidder
90. IncentaClick*
91. IndustryBrains
92. InterClick
93. Interevco
94. JoeTec
95. Komli
96. Kanoodle
97. Kontera
98. LinkBliss
99. LinkLike
100. LinkShareAds *
101. LinkWorth
102. MaxBounty
103. MetaReward
104. Microsoft adCenter
105. Mirago *
106. MIVA *
107. Money4Banners
108. MoreNiche
109. NeverblueAds
110. Nixxie *
111. Nuffnang
112. OneMonkey
113. Opt-Media
114. Oridian *
115. Oxado *
116. PayDotCom
117. PayPerPost
118. PayPopUp
119. Pheedo
120. Phorm
121. PointRoll
122. PopUpTraffic
123. Premium Network
124. PrimaryAds
125. ProfitCenter
126. Project Wonderful
127. PubMatic
128. Pulse 360
129. Quigo AdSonar
130. QuinStreet
131. Real Media *
132. RealCast Media
133. RealTechNetwork
134. Revenue Science
136. RevenuePILOT *
137. ReviewMe
138. RevoClix
139. Right Media Exchange
140. Robert Sherman Company
141. ROI Rocket
142. Rydium *
143. Searchfeed
144. Shareasale
146. Sponsored Reviews
147. Strategic Affiliates
148. Targetpoint *
149. Text Link Ads
150. Textads Dot Biz
151. TextWise
152. TNX.Net
153. Trade Doubler
154. Traffic Marketplace
155. Tremor Media
156. Tribal Fusion *
157. TTZMedia
158. ValidClick *
159. ValueAd
160. ValueClick Media *
161. Veoda
162. Vibrant Media SmartAds *
163. Vizu Polls
164. WayPointCash
165. Web Advertising
166. WebSponsors
167. WhenU
168. WidgetBucks *
169. Yahoo Publisher Network *
170. YesAdvertising

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Make Money Online: Win some cash @

Wanna make money online? Then keep on read this post. This is an easy contest where everyone has a chance to win. All you have to do is to write about this contest and leave a comment on this post with the URL of your post about this contest. Sounds easy? It is!

How Do You Win Dollars?

1. Write a post about ThaCash Contest, mentioning the link -> Leave a Comment with Link to Post

2. To Increase Chance of Winning -> Subscribe to RSS for further directions. (This is the method through which best contest winner is going to be selected)

Choosing the Winner

1. There will be 4 winners for this contest.

2. Will be made on random

3. The last winner is going to be picked by the blog owner for the best post about the contest.

Here the Prizes:

1st Place: $25

2nd Place: $15

3rd Place: $5

Best Contest Post Winner: $15

This contest is going to last till August 30 2008 and all pay outs are just going to be by pay pal.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Which Is The Best Way Of Make Money Online?

Nowadays most of the people turning their heads towards internet to supplement their income by making money online. Earning money online is becoming more ease than ever before because there are so many make money online program right in front of your eyes, if you browse the Internet.

Most of the Internet manias don't want to start a business instead they want another job pays them for their time.

Online you will literally get an unlimited number of jobs. Many of these jobs give assurance that you can make money with no money. Most of these type of business opportunities are scam. So you ought to be very careful in selecting your business opportunities.

The easiest way to make money online on the Internet is to provide a service of some kind that fits into the cateory of working at a job.

So, if you're also falling under this category of make money online, you can easily get some low-paying work to do. But you can mint quick money only starting a nice online business like Directory Submission service, freelance writing, etc.

I think you accept this make money online way instead of running behind the cheap make money online programs like PTC, Surveys, reading emails, etc. What do you think? Please stamp your views...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Publishing Ads: Next Best Way to Make Money Online

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You ought to submit at least three pages of your site/blog and then wait for approval. Once you get approved, and uploaded the code of a particular website, you will then recieve a monthly payment. It is damn easy. There are two sites that offer you this income.


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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Make Money Online By selling Photos

Are you having digital camera and access to the Internet? Then, you can make money online easily. I think this is one of the legitimate ways to earn money online. Moreover, this is one of the best ways to make money online that I've ever come across.

Advantages of this home based business

To spend much more time with your family!

To finally escape the long hours of the rat race, the backstabbing and the competitiveness!

You can decide your working time. If you want to quit from work early one day, decision is yours!

Job security is assured!

If you want to go on vacation, no need to as your boss to grant leave for you. You can go whenever you want, wherever you want, for as long as you want!

Just google the term-" Make Money Online By selling Photos", you can easily get number of sites that pay you for your pictures.

You don't require any expensive photography equipment or special printers to upload the pictures you've taken. You can simply upload the pictures directly into the Internet.

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