Sunday, November 9, 2008

Make Money Online Tip- "Upload Speaktome Widget"

Are you success in getting at least 1000 unique visitors for your blog/site? But you're making less than a dollar a day from a combination of AdSense, affiliate marketing, etc.Then you're missing out something. Recently I came to know about a new product called- "Speaktome". This product guarantees over $50 from the same visitors.

SpeakToMe is a perfect service, which will help you monetize your website. How to get money from this site? It is really simple. Go live in front of your audience, and give them a chance to speak to you directly over the telephone and via a web link for a per-minute charge.

"The biggest problem for successful online publishers is getting paid for their work," says Ted Murphy, President of SpeakToMe. "The three legged stool of print journalism, publisher-reader-advertiser, is simply not available online. The only categories that get paid online are keyword search and classifieds. 3% of the internet page views make over 75% of the money. Search and classifieds generate a $40 CPM while everybody else makes less than $1 CPM."

The answer to the problem, Mr. Murphy figures, is to offer a service that allows readers to pay the publisher directly for a personal, one-on-one pay-by-the-minute private session. That's where the SpeakToMe Expert Service product comes in. Webmasters can toss the SpeakToMe widget on their website and accept payment from their audience within the comfortable confines of their own website. There are no up-front costs to the webmaster, and the set up procedure takes minutes.

Give a chance to your visitors to get exposed with SpeakToMe. What is your opinion? Are there any online personalities you would pay to speak to directly?

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