Sunday, November 30, 2008

Creating Keyword Rich On-site Linking- A perfect way To Get Top 10 google Results

Most of the webmasters are cracking their heads to get a placement in top ten Google results. Most of them know that obtaining backlinks is the ONLY way to get top ten placement in Google search engine results. In addition to this, you should know that back links are the difference between top or not. If your website is as good as your competition, and yet for some reason you are not on top, then you can bet it is because they have more quality back links.

The power of one way links is as important as anything else you do.

Most of the bloggers don't care about pagerank but care about the search engine results. PageRank doesn't matter. The links matter!

Even though your site/blog is having PR-6, your competitor website/blog with PR-3 may outnumber your position owing to the reason that that blog/site is having more on-site linking than yours.

It stands to reason that if every page of a site carries link juice, the more pages you have with external incoming links, the better. Combine that with good keyword loaded internal linking and you are on to a winner. It's just hard to get enough incoming links from diverse sources - choose a perfect source to get more backlinks to all your pages than more links pointing to your HOMEPAGE. Then work on in it to get more on-site linking to get a better position in the Google search engine results.

Getting more on-site linking not only favor you to get top ten position in Google results but also you can make money online.


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