Monday, September 14, 2009

Making Money Online Working Only 2 Hours A Day

I used to get a kick out of reading ads where somebody was claiming to work two hours a day and making $1 million dollars a year. That has all changed now that I actually see people who are really doing it.

So how exactly can you work two hours a day and make as much money online is you want? You first need to understand that everyone works more than that when they first start out. However it is possible to truly make a lot of money working a short amount of time.

Here are couple ways it is being done right now.

1. Build a network marketing business and leverage your time. You may only want to work two hours a day, but you can build a down line of distributors who are working hundreds or even thousands of hours a day in your business.

The beauty of this concept is they are working for themselves so they are willing to work harder. The nice thing about an MLM business is you profit from that because you make more money and people underneath you are making more money.

Therefore building me a handful of hard working distributors can lead to a full time income for you. Using the Internet makes it possible for you to do this working only two hours a day.

2. Build a large email marketing list and promote offers to it. You may not be aware that there are people who have mailing lists of a million people they can contact at any time.

We are not talking about scamming people or doing strictly bulk email. The way to do this is to purchase co-registration leads and work with those to develop relationships with them.

You do this by spending the majority of your time offering help to people. Giving of your time and resources is a great way to enhance your own credibility.

The larger your list becomes the more potential money you can make. Imagine sending out an offer for a home business opportunity to a million people and enrolling a hundred people in one day.

That happens and there are numerous examples of Internet marketers involved in multiple programs who earn six and seven figure incomes doing nothing more than e-mail marketing. Once you grasp this concept you will become hooked on purchasing co registration leads.

This is two examples of making money online working only two hours a day. Luckily for you this is not just theory, but is actually being done every day by aggressive and successful Internet marketers.


Dianne Crawford is the owner of and reviews popular home business ideas and opportunities. All have been found to be tried and tested and are legitimate.