Thursday, May 26, 2011

Are the Keyword in the Title Matters?

This is a million dollar question of most of the bloggers. You should include a keyword in your title. It's better to put the keyword right at the beginning and all the extra words after it. because it matters a lot.

For SEO purposes on your blog you want to include your targeted keyword in the title, URL, first and last line of the copy, article tags, Headings, and sprinkled throughout the body of your blog post.

Some of my friends are arguing that Google or Yahoo....they don't have any keywords in their domain but they rule the search engines.... : )

Will anybody clarify this doubt?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

How to Become Big Gun in Marketing?

If you've been spinning your wheels trying to
make money online, then listen up...

The beans have been spilled right here:


In "Dirty Marketing" you'll discover:

* How you can make anyone buy anything with a
tried and true trick

* The real way to turn a visitor into a customer
in three simple steps

* A dirty but legal way to get other people to
sell your stuff for you

* The coveted "WIIFM" tactic that you too can use
just like the big guys

* And much more!


Now, the title may sound "black hat" or illegal,
but I can assure you that these tactics are not.

They are simply SMART marketing strategies.

In fact, the title itself IS one of the tactics
you'll learn. ;)

Go grab your copy now: