Tuesday, September 30, 2008

270 Bloggers That Use Facebook

Facebook is the perfect internet marketing tool and is being used by few bloggers. As this is the rapidly growing social networking sites, most of the bloggers make use of it to attract traffic to their blogs.

Darren from Problogger composed a nice list of 270 bloggers that use Facebook, a good tool to use to build their network marketing business. If you’re a blogger and use Facebook, this is a list that you must check out. From over 270 bloggers, there has to be someone in there you know that you can add. So get to work and add away!

Link: 270 Bloggers That Use Facebook

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ping.fm Adds SocialThing

Just now read in ping.fm blog that they have added a social thing into their onslaught of supported services.

If you don't have a chance to sign up with ping.fm, now you can easily get enrolled as they have invited 1000 luckiest persons by means of invite from old ping members. Already a member in socialthing and ping.fm? No problem!!! Use the beta code “socialthing” through your Ping console to add your SocialThing account and get started pinging!

One step further SocialThing has added Ping.fm to their services, allowing you to Ping directly from your SocialThing interface.

Friday, September 12, 2008

How To Increase your Feed Readers Count?

Have you ever visited popular make money online blogs like johnchow.com, theuniversitykid.com, johncow.com, thenetfool.com? The feeburner number for these blogs are really high. Johnchow feedburner count stands- 32006.

Do you want to increase your feedburner number just like this? John Chow used dirty tricks to increase feedburner count. I don't want to discuss about that lacunae in the feedburner counter.

I have tried another black hat technique to increase the feedburner number, which is easy for all the blogger noobs. It is nothing but traditional email subscription way.

  • You ought to create new email address from all the possible free email network like hootmail, rediffmail, fastmail, gmail, hotmail, etc
  • Subscribe your blog with these new email IDs
  • Immediately confirm the email ID by verifying the same.
  • You can made so many email addresses and repeat the same procedure with all.

That's all!!! Now your feedburner will show the increased feedburner count. Do you think subscribing using your own email will help to drive more traffic? NO... It will not help in long run. The original content only will help you to make your blog unique.