Saturday, February 6, 2010

How To Get Traffic To Your Blog from Successful Facebook Fan Page?

Do you know being active on social networks not only connect with friends, but may return a value of time spent there? It all depends entirely on the factor how effectively you market your site / blog here. Do create a fan page of your blog and Facebook marketing may well help to get more traffic and increase revenues.

It is more viral in nature and part of the marketing effort is relatively easy here. You should create a fan page, and update it with interesting content is published on the blog, and people are aware of it on your Facebook home page. If the content is more interesting, you will get more hits as the people will share with their friends.

Well, here are some tips to make your site without marketing more effective.

1. Social bookmark your fan page once you updated the same.

2. Link your facebook fan page on your blog.

3. By using facebook discount coupons, advertise your fan page

4. Do update your fan page withinteractive substance.

5. Always share your fan page with your IM contacts and ask them to share the same with their firends

6. After filling your fan page with useful content, send a fan request to your friends.