Monday, December 20, 2010

How to Use Auto responders?

The process of marketing products or doing business online can be automated by email auto responders, a most potential and viable tool.

If you are in the intention of making serious money, then you ought to know about auto responders and how to use them.

First of all we need to know what is meant by email auto responders. They are nothing but special email addresses which responds to any email sent to its address by sending a set of messages or a pre-stored message.

Auto responders come over in a wide range of prices and in different types. If used properly and smartly, email auto responders can create wonders. Email auto responders can be used for various purposes.

Conducting polls

To conduct small polls, email auto responders can be utilized. By conducting polls you can get useful particulars, information regarding how to enhance your website, product etc.

You can make your website more innovative, by performing polls for each issue and announcing the results in the subsequent issue. In this way you can increase your readership base as a lot of readers will be very much eager to know about the poll results.

General information Dissemination

With the aid of an auto responder, any individual can make his information available immediately to any one. Since many information are freely available, some particulars might be very useful for you. It may br regarding products you are very much interested or instructions about how to enhance the product you have.

Conducting Multi part courses

One of the best strategies to attract visitors to your website is, offering multipart courses. Even if you aren’t experienced, the course ascertains you as an expert. If you have any useful good information, that particular can be broken into small parts and placed in auto responder follow-up messages and can be sent in time intervals of your choice. This tactic is often used as a sales strategy. Through the information you have provided, the students begin to instill confidence on you, you can place the course related product material and make your sales chart to gradually increase.