Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Make Money Online By selling Links in Wordpress Themes

Do you know coding? Then, you can easily make money online by selling wordpress themes. Nowadays blogging becomes part and parcel of life. So bloggers need new attractive wordpress themes.

You can build a wordpress theme and sell it in different forums including digitalpoint, V7N forums and iwebtool talk.

The perfect wordpress theme should be as follows:-

1. Easy to customize and colorize.
2. It should contain unique styled icons.
3. You should test the wordpress theme in all the web browsers including Opera, IE and Firefox
4. You should provide the buyer with layered PSD files.
5. You should give full rights with resell rights.
6. It should contain unique and clean codes.
7. It should support wordpress 2.3 and 2.2
8. It should be designed to support widgets
9. It should be 100% xhtml validate with no errors.

Once you created your wordpress theme, you can sell the wordpress theme that are going to be permanent. Don't run helter-skelter to market the footer links. Just float a bid in different forums (the best is Digitalpoint forum) and select the bidders according to the bid amount. You can earn at least $300-500 per theme. It all depends on the design.

Although this technique of making money online seems to be cumbersome job, you can get considerable revenue from this sale.

Make Money Online Through Selling WordPress Themes...

In my previous article, I’ve written a short primer which teaches you how to make money online by selling wordpress links. Now in this post, I’ll touch on one of the most important parts of selling a wordpress blog template.

If you're not a Programmer involving in the wordpress design, don't worry. Still you can make money online by selling wordpress templates. Collect most of the free templates available online. Make it as a zip file and you can sell this package for $15 (say- 50 blogs). See this post you can get an idea of how to make money online by selling wordpress templates.

Online Wordpress theme Generator

If you don't know HTML, JS, PHP, or CSS, you need not worry. Simply visit this site and change the color, setings and layout to get your dream wordpress theme. Then imply bid in different webmaster forums to make money online...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pros and Cons Of Debt Consolidation

Are you familiar with a new ways of getting help with debt called debt negotiation company? It involves negotiating with creditors to lower the amount you owe, not just your interest rates as with Consumer Credit Counseling Services (CCCs). Although this type of credit debt consolidation has a number of potential benefits, it is typically only an appropriate debt solution for consumers who are seriously overextended and considering bankruptcy.

Some of the benefits:

1) you can dramatically lower both your debt and payments, saving you thousands;

2) for consumers with accounts in collections, calls can be minimized and routed to the debt negotiation company.

Some of the downsides:

1) your credit will most likely be impacted negatively;

2) creditors can refuse negotiations, leaving a consumer with no options except bankruptcy.

Any reputable service will help you discern whether or not these downsides are a worthy compromise in light of the potential benefits. Generally a good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that if you are able to pay off your debt by making more than the minimum payments, continue on that path. If you have limited income or have experienced a financial hardship which makes getting out of debt any time soon unlikely, debt settlement is a probably a good option.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Make Money Online: 100% Commission Affiliates

Wanna earn 100% affiliate commission? The perfect way is to purchase the following $1 products. You can participate in any one of the programs below for getting 100% commission i.e. $1 for every visitor buys this program.

Get Hundreds of Free One Way Links To Your Site - Cost $1

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Very Cheap Content Creation Site - Cost $1

You know very well that content is king. Original content is king of kings. To get a original content for your site, you need to spend either your precious time or BIG bucks to pay other content writers. Here the Webmaster exposes where and how you can get a cheap content (say 500 words original content for less than $2.5)

The Incredible Pay-Per-Lead Program - Cost $1

Here the Webmaster of this affiliate will reveal you an incredible pay-per-lead program that converted 463 UNTARGETED visitors (of the worst kind) into 41 leads that earned him to earn $334.15 at a cost of $1.

Even there is a chance of getting back order sales of $47. (I got two back order sales ($94) for the10 programs sold)

Why $1?

These programs can be revealed at free of cost. But the main reason why they are being sold for $1 is "Giving anything free is having no value".

Jonathan Leger (the web master) is paying 100% instant commission to YOU for everyone you send who purchases the One Dollar Idea you send them to. That's right, you can earn the full $1 purchase price of that One Dollar Idea product directly into YOUR PayPal account. (No need to wait for months together to get your affiliate commission-Instant Payment)

It's easy to make money with this affiliate program because the product is so inexpensive and yet SO valuable. Simply send people to your special affiliate link after your purchase!

1. Get Hundreds of Free One Way Links To Your Site - Cost $1
2. Very Cheap Content Creation Site - Cost $1
3. The Incredible Pay-Per-Lead Program - Cost $1


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Make Money Online With Wholesale Business

The internet has given a new dimension to the conventional business whether it is wholesale or retail. If you are not using the internet technologies for your business then you may be left behind in the race.

There are
millions of products in the market and most of these can be sold online either wholesale or retail. As a wholesaler you can buy the products in bulk and sell them online in bulk. This method avoids the need for selling directly to the customer.

There are many sites that provide you with contacts of the manufacturers of different products. The key to the success in wholesale business is the product that you choose to sell online.

You have to select the
right kind of product to taste success in this business. By becoming a wholesale businessman you have plenty of chances to become successful in your venture.

After you have decided to start you own internet business for selling products on wholesale, the next step is to get into action.
What is the immediate action? You need to find out a solution provider who will give you space to set up your store online.

There are plenty of
web space providers in the internet who are ready to setup a store for you for a nominal monthly fee and an initial setup fee.

They have
readymade programs that will setup the store and you can right away key in the product details and their prices on to the database they provide you.

If you want your
web store to be unique you should find a solution provider who will do programming for you to make you store unique so that there is no identical store online.

There are many
websites that provide you a web store and also the products to sell. With these services you get all you need to start your online business for making money online, but most of this will not work out for you since there are many such sites that they sell to others.

They have templates which have different company names but the products that they give you are identical. This kind of business will not bring success to you.

You will be one among the masses and you have to be content with the feeling that you
ALSO have a web store. Hence you have to go for a web space provider who has lots of features for your website along with an online store program.

For all these transactions and to
make money online you need merchant accounts and accounts with the drop shippers or wholesalers. There are many websites that give you details on the merchant accounts for conducting online transactions.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Make Money Online with this Perfect Affiliate Program of 8.85% Conversion Rate

Do you like make money online with affiliates? Wanna 8.85% conversion rate affiliate program? There is a perfect affiliate program to earn a lot with minimum number of visitor.

One of the webmaster converted some HORRIBLE, UNTARGETED traffic SO WELL that he made 41 sales from only 463 visitors (that's an 8.85% conversion rate)!

It's a program that is easy to promote because EVERYBODY needs what it offers. For knowing that particular affiliate program you need to spend $1.

You'll also eligible to earn $1 after getting that idea by referring a member to that program.(That's why I am also referring you) You are not going to loose anything but going to gain that particular affiliate program. All the best!!!

Earn $1 For Everybody You Refer Here!

It will cost you a buck to join. I will get the buck. If you join, you'll be able to promote it and get the buck. Pay attention because the point isn't getting the buck. It is getting the other programs that come with the buck.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

How do Insurance Companies Make Money?

Have you ever asked this question? If so, it is high time for you to know about the ways and means the insurance company is making money from the clients.

profit for the insurance companies can be shown as follows:

Profit for the firm = Premium received from the insured + Income from the investment made from the premium received - losses incurred [claims settled] - expenses incurred for the establishment of office, salaries etc.


Insurance companies
make money through under writing. This is process in which the insurance company selects the risk that can be covered, and fixing the premium for covering those risks and investing the money received in appropriate business.

The company needs to spend sufficient time, consider wide range of data and possibilities and probabilities. At the end, the insurance company should decide about the premium, which needs to be competitive at the same time profitable to the insurance company.

Estimation of underwriting

The insurance companies
underwriting performance can be measured by their combined ratio. To arrive at the combined ratio the loss ratio needs to be added to the expense ratio.

The loss ratio is nothing but the incurred loss plus loss adjustment expenses divided by the premium received. The expense ratio is nothing but
underwriting expenses divided by premium written.

The combined ratio will give the companies true picture i.e whether it is on profit or loss. If the combined ratio is less than hundred the company is running in profit . if the combined rate is more than hundred then the company is losing.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Make Money Online by Using Online Coupons

A person who browses and shops online would be familiar with online coupons. You can easily save money online by using these coupons. These are discount or rebate coupons that can be used to buy your favorite products at a lower price than usual.

Just like the coupons that you use in real when you go to the stores, these
online coupons are used to redeem a certain price or to buy products at a discounted price.

In the brick and mortar shops you will be producing the printed coupons to avail discounts but here in
online shopping you will be provided with a coupon code to make money online.

All you have to do is to just key in this
coupon code when you check out of your shopping cart. This process would reduce the amount to be billed on your credit card or debit card to be used online money making.

Precautions to be Taken While Using Online Coupons

1. When you intend to use the
online coupon for a discounted price, make sure that you are entering the right coupon code for the product you buy.

2. Only certain departments provide with
online coupons and this coupon applies only to certain products.

3. After you click the
checkout button make sure that the discount is applied to the purchase you have done and complete the order. Otherwise after completing the order you cannot claim for a discount. Hence double-check the amount before you complete the process.

4. Do not click the submit button if the discount is not applied to the purchase. Coupons are not applied to the shipping and handling costs.

By using these online coupons you can make money online also. You can sell these coupons in some of the forums to earn money. Members of those forums who are using their credit cards and debit cards will purchase these online coupons.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Online life Insurance- An Overview

Most of the persons opting for online life insurance may have debate ranging from what kind of insurance is best to what the true purpose of life insurance is. People have their own views on the best way to buy online life insurance.

The main purpose of online life insurance is to get cheapest premium at the down-to earth prices. Before opting for a life insurance through online you've got to learn yourself about the available insurance policies, which includes additional benefits that may be offered. Moreover, you should research your options with relation to the different life insurance companies.

The cheapest online life insurance is term insurance. Term insurance is nothing but the insurance is purchased for a specific face value, for a specific period of time.

Whether your term insurance type is temporary or permanent, long or short, a retirement vehicle or meant as an investment for your future needs, online life insurance companies will offer you the right information instantly.

Most of the life insurance companies have online provision of information on your quotes. All you need to do is input your required information in the online forms, and the search engines of the concerned companies will do the rest.

These online life insurance companies will give you simplified information instantly within no time for enabling you to choose your right insurance policies at right time.

The online life insurance helps you in accessing information not only easily but also simply. Being online makes everything easy. You can access the company through out the year on a 24x7 basis.

You can start saving your money just filling up the online form. Once you shared your personal information like whether you're a smoker or non-smoker, description about your health (Regular or preferred), you will be used to quote you a rate for the type of insurance.

Do research on different online life insurance companies before choosing a company. Selection of life insurance policy in a company depends on various factors including the financial strength of hundreds of life insurance products, features and the actual price. As a result of comparing these factors, as a customer you may end up in savings on your premium of at least 70%.

Just fill out any free life insurance quote request form of any one of the online life insurance companies. You can easily and quickly find the best values of online life insurance policies without ever leaving your home or office.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Our Blog Review- a Perfect blog for Bloggers

If you are a blogger, and I mean really, if you are reading this chances are good, then you definitely want to visit- Our Blog Review.

I generally like to say that blogs are easy to navigate, however this particular blog falls under this category. Minimal adsense ads which prevents the distraction of the visitors is also one of the best characteristics of this blog. The color combination of the blog is really eye-catching.

You will find categories, archives, recent posts and recent the right navigation bar. You comment on the post if you require your blog to be reviewed. There also at this point no pictures associated with the "Our Blog Review".

Get your blog reviewed today. Increase your traffic with a
our blog review rating.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Free e-book for you...

If haven’t already read it, grab a copy of "11 Deadly Mistakes Internet Marketing Newbies Make and How to avoid them", which is filled with information on how to rectify the simple mistakes.

Grab this copy of
free e-book...

This free e-book was written by
Gabriel Aguinaga and will teach about how to avoid mistakes with special emphasis on landing free-hosting websites, register a Internet Marketingfree domain name and build a web page.

Although it’s peppered with lots of affiliate links, you can get enough info about
internet marketing. If you're a newbie in the Internet marketing world, this free e-book will help you a lot... Just grab this free e-book for your use.

A lot of the information about
Internet Marketing mistakes will be familiar but there are still chunk of information regarding affiliate marketing mistakes and all the simple tips and tricks to squeeze money out of your blog.

Don't miss it, it was written by an expert.
Lets start to read now.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Home equity loans Vs Cash-out refinance

Cashing out through refinance depends on the individual's financial situation and the lender who is approving that. This might vary with the lender and the individual who is applying for that refinance cash out.

There are many factors that affect the way you can take cash. It all depends on how fast you need cash. You should also consider the fee that applies to the option you select, the interest rate and the duration for which you take the loan.

You can select a cash-out refinance or a home equity loan based on these factors.

If you want fast cash then you can go for home equity loans than the cash-out refinance. You might get cash in a week's time if you go for a home equity loan.

If you can wait a little further you can go for a cash-out refinance. The fees charged for the home equity loans are lower than that required for refinancing.

Refinancing might even cost your points. This is something that you have to consider when going for that option. The interest rate for a home equity loan is higher than that of the refinancing since home equity loan is considered as a second mortgage. This is due to the risk involved for the lender.

If you have bought that home loan at a good interest rate then you could go for a home equity loan instead of a refinance. This enables you to retain that good interest rate rather than losing it to refinance.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

What is Cash-out Refinance?

Do you know that you can take cash out from the equity that you have built up on your home loan? Yes, you can. This can be explained easily with a scenario.

Consider that you have a home loan for $200000. If your home is worth $250000 then you can use that to draw cash by refinancing your home loan. You can refinance for, say $220000 and get a cash of $20000 from the lender upon closing your existing home loan.

You can refinance to any value between $200K and $250K and take the amount that is excess of $200K. People who need money immediately for some other purpose can use this method to get the cash needed.

In the case of home equity you can take a refinance loan for the amount that you need without changing the original mortgage.

There are many websites in the internet that help you compare the home equity loans and the cash-out refinancing option. A simple search on the Internet would give you access to these tools that might be very useful to you. Alternatively you can discuss with an expert to get the right picture about these options.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Make Money Online: Adsense Story Contest

Inside AdSense: AdSense Publisher Stories:

Wanna earn money online through adsense? There is a great opportunity to explore your website traffic and Adsense earning. Just keep on reading, you may be interested in this post...'s Tim Carter is one publisher who's been able to do great things with AdSense. Here's his story on moving from building houses to building websites and how AdSense has helped him along the way.

The AdSense Story Contest

Now that you've heard Tim's story, we want to hear about your experience with AdSense. We've heard from publishers who've been able to keep their site free to users, quit their jobs, and even pay for their wedding! What have your AdSense earnings enabled you to do? Whether you have a blog, a small website, or an entire company, we want to hear your story. There's no need for a production crew or studio; you can create the video at home with a webcam.

Here's how it works:

1. Shoot a video (2 minutes or shorter) about your story with AdSense.
2. Fill out the submission form and submit your video as a video response to Tim's video on YouTube.
3. We will review your submissions and pick a few videos to be featured on the AdSense blog in the coming weeks.

In your video, you may want to answer some of the questions below, but feel free to include others.

* Where you are from and what you do for a living?
* Why did you create your site, blog, or forum?
* Who is your intended audience?
* How did you hear about AdSense?
* How has AdSense helped you?
* What are some useful AdSense tips you would give to other publishers so that they can see the same success?

When creating and submitting your video, here are a few important things to remember:

1. You need to have a YouTube account to participate.
2. Be creative! Use props, backgrounds, and sets; however, please do not use any trademarked logos, images, or copyrighted material for which you don't have permission to display in your videos.
3. You can disclose gross earnings, but not any specific AdSense statistics such as clickthrough rate or eCPM.
4. Feel free to talk about your site, but don't advertise or encourage users to visit your site and click on your ads.
5. By posting your video you give Google the rights to display, reproduce, and distribute your content.
6. Your video must adhere to both YouTube and AdSense Terms and Conditions. Google has the right to remove any video submission that does not comply with these terms.

Submission deadline is October 31st
, so what are you waiting for? Create and submit your video today!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

How To Earn Extra Money Online?

Making money online is not as hard as you might think. Do you know there are several legitimate ways to earn extra money online at your home using a small PC? Most of us do want to know about this secret of earning extra money online.
The most preferred online opportunities for everybody to earn extra cash fast includes-

1. Payment for Email reading
2. Payment for participation in online surveys
3. Get paid for offers
4. Payment for shopping online
5. Payment for marketing affiliate programs

Although these are known ways for making money online, the successful online money makers confessed that there are few other ways to earn extra money online. You can follow these tips also to get paid online easily.

Manage a Micro Site

Most of web companies are providing micro sites to the customers. You can get one of these micro sites, where the company manages HTML coding, design and layout. You should provide the content only. In these sites you can place ads either from adsense or other PPC programs to earn money online. The main advantage of joining in this site is that even though your individual site is small, the main site is large enough to attract more visitors.

Ebay Selling

You can build a business that earn second line income through this better Internet auction site. Before choosing a product to sell, do enough research to see if there is a good marketing potential for the selected product at E bay.

Content Writing

As you know content is the king of the website, original content is the king of the kings. Hence most of the website owners are deprived of original content. You can make us of this opportunity to write specific content for these webmasters at nominal charges. There are few websites (rentacoder, elance, scriptlance, etc.) that are offering freelance service especially for content writers. You can sign up with them to get paid extra cash online.

There are countless ways to earn extra money online. Just concentrate on any few methods to optimize your online income efficiently. If you're really serious about earning money online, be ready to work for it and you may be surprised by the income you're generating out of these simple methods of rich quick schemes.

Monday, October 15, 2007

How To Make Easy Money Online?

Although there are tens of thousands of ways to make easy money online by setting up a website and then obtaining payments either through paypal or direct check, there are few legitimate ways to make easy money online.

Most of the webmasters earning money online by selling hard goods of all kinds (pre-owned cars, boats etc.) and information products (e-books).

Affiliate Marketing

One way to make easy money online without spending single pie is to setup a blog and start reviewing the digital products found at click bank. You will get enough commission for the sales you performed by your referral.

Blog Review

Even you can google to find out the blogging sites that require bloggers to review. You may even get a continuous order for a certain amount of time for a particular amount from a particular company.

Sign up in different forums- Digital point, V7N forums, iwebtool forums etc. to find out the bloggers who need blogging/ reviewing about their site. These bloggers are doing so to build links for their new site-Make hay while sun shines.

Paid Survey

You can make use of the help of search engines to find out the survey sites. Then sign up with them to mint money. You will be provided with variety of survey depending upon your profile.

Data Entry Job

Just sign up for data entry job available on the Web and you can earn considerable commission on the sales you made when some buys from you typed up and your ad.

The main reason for successful failure of making money online is people do not know how because they do not know where to begin. These are the simple tips to make money online. Of course there are many easy money online tactics, but it is for you to choose. Now, you may aware of the main moments. Don't wait. Go ahead to earn money online successfully…

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Easy Money Online: Join Cash4Offers

Are you having the habit of reading books and listening to music? Then, you can make money online while doing these things. Are you amazing? Yes!!! Cash4Offers is the place where you get paid cash for doing things that you love doing every day.

Then sign in Cash4Offers for getting easy money online...Cash4Offers offer $3 for your first sign up. Then you can earn at least $0.05 per day per work like reading paid email, doing surveys, taking offers and free trials, watching TV, driving your car, reading books, and listening to music.

The most amazing thing is you can receive your check in the mail in less than 72 hours once you've crossed your minimum payout limit of $25. It's so easy to earn cash. Isn't?

You can easily search all of their "offers" by category (i.e. - Baby/Children, Paid Surveys, 100% free trials, etc). This is one of the coolest thing about this website...

Don't wait to get involved in this one of the easiest programs of make money online. They will provide prompt response to your customer service inquiries also. Hitherto, Cash4Offers members have earned over $170,000. You should thank Cash4Offers so much for taking the time and putting all of this together for you. If you're a blogger or website owner then you can sign up with Cash4Offers affiliate link to earn lion's share of your commission.Sign up for here!

Friday, October 12, 2007

How to get Quick Money from Adsense?

So, you have signed up with adsense... Now you're seeing your account daily for your earnings. Most of the newbies will end up with few cents ONLY in the beginning. DON'T GET FRUSTRATED! Don't worry!!!

To get more earnings, you should adopt the following ways-

1. Better Ad placement.
2. Signing up with referral ads of Google.
3. Avoid self-clicking.
4. Don't ask your friends to click the ads of your SITE/BLOG. (Google is smart enough than you...)
5. Try to sign up with Google Adwords also...

By adhering to these simple rules, you can start make money online within couple of months after starting your adsense account. ALL THE BEST!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Free E-book on Make Money Online...

As I have promised in my profile, today's blogpost offers you a free e-book on "How to Make Money Online?"
You can easily download this e-Book from Rapidshare. In this e-book mainly you can get an idea -- how to go from Zero to $10,000 in a month through blogging. This e-book was written by Jhon Chow, a perfect blogger in this internet world, who is earning $10,000 per month.
This e-book contains nine chapters. Each chapter is worth reading. Still, why are you waiting? Click this download link: Make Money Online

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Make Money Online: Google Adsense Video Units...

Wow...Just now come across an interesting post in Google adsense blog. The Good news is - Google introduces video units.

You are not only placing an You-tube video in your site but also get paid for doing so... It is a real worth to install in your blog/site. Isn't it? Still why are you waiting?

Just now clicked an Google adsense video unit in the adsense blog. It is more or less equal to a TV commercial. I think it will definitely be a monetization of your website/blog.

This feature is really awesome to your site. In fact, it clearly implies the traditional broadcast model, where the telecaster is provided few pennies for showing their ad in their slot.

One step further, YouTube should pay the quality video creators, as it will not only enhance the quality of the site where it is going to be shown for making money online but also actually the visitors watch the video. This is my perception. What do you think?

Inside AdSense: Introducing video units

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tax Deduction Tactics for Making Money Online

Before working out the tax deduction for making money online, do check whether you're entitled for the home office related deductions. Compare your current position or situation against the tax qualifiers.

In most cases if you use a part of the home exclusively and continuously for your business or work, you should be eligible. In case of a business, one of the prerequisites might be that you should not have a fixed office location other than your home from where you carry on your major administrative or managerial work. Check up with the eligibility criteria or get it clarified fully for your convenience.

There are many expenses that you can account on the business front to get tax deductions.

First you have to prorate the space of your home office compared to your entire house. The area designated as home office need not even be a complete room by itself, but can even be a specific area demarcated for business or office use. Find the square foot space and divide it by the total area of your home to find the percentage. This can be used to get the appropriate values of interest paid for the space of your officemortgage, rent paid, house insurance , real estate related taxes and even some community expenses like payments for security or removal of trash etc.

If you own a home, you can calculate the investment you had made on the home which includes the price that you purchased, any costs and any expense that you made for improvement.

You can then find out the market value of your home and use that to depreciate the value of the office portion of the home, although such depreciation claims might have a tax implication while selling the home.

You can include some of your utility bills and prorate your gas and electricity expense. If your home office requires regular water supply you can even claim part of your water bills as business expense.

Ensure that you keep complete and correct records of all of your home expenses and Any expense that are related tobills. repairs or maintenance of the office can be accounted as business expense.

Some of the expenses might not be deductible in the current year and can even be carried over to the next tax year.

If you are self employed or an employee of a company, telephone expenses or other communication or office related equipment expense can also be claimed. For employees, they might have to compare their standard deduction against such itemized deduction to find out which is more advantageous.

It is always advisable to file tax even if you are making money online. Then only you can spend your earnings lavishly without any fear of tax officials. Have a Nice Shopping with your money earned online!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Top Financial Niche Keywords

Wanna make money online through adsense? I am offering you the top financial niche keywords that is optimized for a financial site.

auto insurance quote $57.18
college loan consolidation $53.52
car insurance quote $46.89
federal loan consolidation $46.62
online car insurance $41.92
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cheap car insurance $39.79
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debt consildation $35.83
chase credit cards $35.02
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mortgage loans $33.17
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mortgage refinancing $33.08
equity line of credit $33.05
college loans $32.91
best mortgage rates $32.65
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us mortgage rates $32.38
instant insurance quote $32.37
term life insurance quotes $32.11
consolidation loan $32.03
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whole life insurance quotes $28.17
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term insurance $26.58
second mortgage $26.56
credit report com $26.48
auto ins $26.21
consolidation $25.90
line of credit $25.57
landlords insurance $25.46
low mortgage $25.45
commercial vehicle insurance $25.37
credit consolidation $25.32
bad credit mortgages $25.22
bad credit mortgages $25.22
discount life insurance $25.22


Saturday, October 6, 2007

How to Hide E-mail Address From the Spiders and Spambots?

Wanna hide your e-mail address in your blog or website from the spiders and spambots? Then do follow ways discussed here to prevent these culprits to harvest your e-mail address.

The common methods for preventing the spambot to harvest your email are : -

1. Modifying the e-mail Text
2. Using "Alias" for e-mail addresses
3. Adding Some More Text to Email Addresses

Just write your email addresses in non-email format for hiding the same from the spam bots and spiders, but only human readers can read it. You can write your email id in different format as "yourID at yourdomain dot com".

You can easily fool the spambots once you provided the email address as above.

Drawbacks of Modifying E-mail ID

The main drawback of writing email in this format is that most of the users won't believe it as your email address, as it is in different format. In addition to this the users prefer to go for user-friendly e-mail address format. i.e.

Most of the visitors do want to click the e-mail ID in your blog/website to open their email client to send the emails.Unfortunately some of the spambots still able to crack your email ID in this format.

If you use alias in the recipient field, you can prevent the spider or spam bot to capture your e-mail ID. Once you use alias in the recipient field, the email address is invisible to both spambot and spiders.

Instead of writing your e-mail ID as, you can write as You should give necessary instruction to the user to neglect the term- "antispam_" for using your e-mail.

This method also fools the spiders from collecting the emails from your blog/website. Moreover, you cannot expect all the readers to read the instruction below on your e-mail ID. They will simply copy the e-mail and address and paste it in their address column of the email.

This method is not user-friendly because most of the users would like to click the link in your e-mail ID to send a message to you...

Friday, October 5, 2007

Make Money Online by Placing Adsense Banners Inbetween Your Blogger Posts

Wanna place in line ads between your blogger posts? If you have never tried this placement, do make a try this for making money online easily. Just follow the instructions below to optimize your site for adsense:


1. Log into your blogspot account.
2. Enter into blog's template tab and hit the Page Elements Link.
3. In the Blog posts section, you can see the edit button. Just press this edit button.

4. Now you ought to tick the box next to Show Ads Between Posts. Even you can optimize- how your ads should appear- either once after every other post or once after every post.
Don't forget to customize the ads and also save the changes you made in the 'Configure Blog Posts' section.

By adding these ads in-between the posts you can earn few more bucks.

Although there are numerous bloggers are using the side bar and top ad placement, most of the bloggers don't about to place the ads in-between posts. Hope this will help you to make money online through Adsense.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Consumer Product Review for unbiased reviews...

Consumer Product Review is a website which helps customers to find great deals when they are shopping online. The consumers can search for products and compare them as well as finding the best prices for the same.

This BLOG offer reviews of products and allow you to communicate directly with the merchants.

Retailers- Wanna massive bargain? then, purchase a slot in this blog as sponsored link on the blog homepage for just $1 for 30 days. You can contact the blog owner for this service...

Consumer Product Review is a service which allows companies of all sizes to get involved with marketing. They have reviewed with some very large products such iPhone, Sony VAIO laptop, etc., but also going to review small products such as Nokia N-series Mobile.

Consumer Product Review has turned online shopping into an interactive experience - much more fun than dragging around the shops. Merchants-Still, why are you waiting? Do contact the blog owner for getting unbiased reviews of your precious products...

As bottom line, I love the overall style of the blog, the template was pretty and the articles had pictures which made it easy on the eye. The reviews of the product are written in a clear and concise style which I found easy to read but also professional in style. ALL THE BEST!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

How to Make Quick Money?

So, you have Googled a lot to make money online. Are you frustrated or lost your hope to earn money online? Don't worry!!! I am going to discuss about- "How to make quick money?" in this short article.

Although there are numerous ways to earn money online, yo can easily mint money either becoming as an affiliate or having to sell your own goods and/or services.

If you want to make quick money, affiliate marketing is a perfect fit. This is because; You can immediately make money online as an affiliate. As the logistics are very minimal compared to other make money online techniques.

The main advantage of affiliate marketing is-

1. No need to maintain the inventory of the goods that is being sold.

2. No need for website. Requires only the marketing skill.

As an affiliate , you will receive commission for selling other peoples product. If you want to earn money online, you require to choose the cheap and best products you want promoted. And also choose the low priced product that offers you high commission rate.

You can use this legitimate way to make money online.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Blogging the blogs: Perfect way to Make Money Online

Congratulations!!! At last you've decided to make money online through blogging. Do a simple research in the Google to find out the sites that pay you dollars for blogging about other's blog.

Once you got a job from these paid to blog sites, immediately note the website that is to be reviewed carefully. Then, find out the press release of that website. Just re-word the web release with a link in your blog.

Even you will be paid to blog about other sites by singing, posting a videotape or writing about their site/blog with a link in your blog to the client's site.

I have researched myself for finding out the best paid to blog services. I have placed them in the order of preference-

1. Pay per post
2. Review me
3. Loud launch
4. Bloggerwave
5. PayU2Blog
6. Smorty
7. InBlogAds
8. CREAMaid
9. Blogitive
10.Blogsvertise Tutorial

All these sites are really worth to sign up as they have providing opportunities to the bloggers to make money online...blogging

All of these websites are offering pay per post service, but you need paypal account. Immediately sign up for paypal and register in the above lists.

Monday, October 1, 2007

My Blog On Make Money Online Crossed 150 Unique Visitors...

Thanks to my visitors!!! I have crossed 150 mark today. I have started my make money online blog 2 months back. Now I have crossed the 150 unique visitors per day.

In addition to this huge number of visitors within this short period, I have optimized my blog for the following words in the first page or second page of Google-

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So, I am concentrating to build articles on these keywords. Hope you'll get useful articles on these keywords in the ensuing days. So please subscribe my feed... Already submitted few make money online articles to ezine articles for getting published and also to get good backlinks.

Once again, Thanks to my visitors who made me to reach this task of make money online…