Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Make Money Online: Google Adsense Video Units...

Wow...Just now come across an interesting post in Google adsense blog. The Good news is - Google introduces video units.

You are not only placing an You-tube video in your site but also get paid for doing so... It is a real worth to install in your blog/site. Isn't it? Still why are you waiting?

Just now clicked an Google adsense video unit in the adsense blog. It is more or less equal to a TV commercial. I think it will definitely be a monetization of your website/blog.

This feature is really awesome to your site. In fact, it clearly implies the traditional broadcast model, where the telecaster is provided few pennies for showing their ad in their slot.

One step further, YouTube should pay the quality video creators, as it will not only enhance the quality of the site where it is going to be shown for making money online but also actually the visitors watch the video. This is my perception. What do you think?

Inside AdSense: Introducing video units


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