Sunday, October 28, 2007

Make Money Online: 100% Commission Affiliates

Wanna earn 100% affiliate commission? The perfect way is to purchase the following $1 products. You can participate in any one of the programs below for getting 100% commission i.e. $1 for every visitor buys this program.

Get Hundreds of Free One Way Links To Your Site - Cost $1

The perfect way to get thousands of free-one-way links pointing towards your site is exposed here. This Webmaster is going to show YOU how to do it for $1…

Very Cheap Content Creation Site - Cost $1

You know very well that content is king. Original content is king of kings. To get a original content for your site, you need to spend either your precious time or BIG bucks to pay other content writers. Here the Webmaster exposes where and how you can get a cheap content (say 500 words original content for less than $2.5)

The Incredible Pay-Per-Lead Program - Cost $1

Here the Webmaster of this affiliate will reveal you an incredible pay-per-lead program that converted 463 UNTARGETED visitors (of the worst kind) into 41 leads that earned him to earn $334.15 at a cost of $1.

Even there is a chance of getting back order sales of $47. (I got two back order sales ($94) for the10 programs sold)

Why $1?

These programs can be revealed at free of cost. But the main reason why they are being sold for $1 is "Giving anything free is having no value".

Jonathan Leger (the web master) is paying 100% instant commission to YOU for everyone you send who purchases the One Dollar Idea you send them to. That's right, you can earn the full $1 purchase price of that One Dollar Idea product directly into YOUR PayPal account. (No need to wait for months together to get your affiliate commission-Instant Payment)

It's easy to make money with this affiliate program because the product is so inexpensive and yet SO valuable. Simply send people to your special affiliate link after your purchase!

1. Get Hundreds of Free One Way Links To Your Site - Cost $1
2. Very Cheap Content Creation Site - Cost $1
3. The Incredible Pay-Per-Lead Program - Cost $1


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