Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Blogging the blogs: Perfect way to Make Money Online

Congratulations!!! At last you've decided to make money online through blogging. Do a simple research in the Google to find out the sites that pay you dollars for blogging about other's blog.

Once you got a job from these paid to blog sites, immediately note the website that is to be reviewed carefully. Then, find out the press release of that website. Just re-word the web release with a link in your blog.

Even you will be paid to blog about other sites by singing, posting a videotape or writing about their site/blog with a link in your blog to the client's site.

I have researched myself for finding out the best paid to blog services. I have placed them in the order of preference-

1. Pay per post
2. Review me
3. Loud launch
4. Bloggerwave
5. PayU2Blog
6. Smorty
7. InBlogAds
8. CREAMaid
9. Blogitive
10.Blogsvertise Tutorial

All these sites are really worth to sign up as they have providing opportunities to the bloggers to make money online...blogging

All of these websites are offering pay per post service, but you need paypal account. Immediately sign up for paypal and register in the above lists.

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