Sunday, August 31, 2008

5000 EC Give Away Contest

EntreBlast just launched the Summer Credit Splash! The contest prizes are just pure ECs. They have a total of 36,000 ECs up for grabs spread over just a few lucky winners. The goal initially was to hit 30,000 ECs but thanks to a few generous last minute sponsors, the prizes have been upped! This is the first ever EntreBlast contest, but they assured that it certainly will not be the last.

The Prizes

They thought about just having three winners but that was deemed unfair. There are 6 EC prizes up for grabs, increasing your chances of winning something!

1st Prize - 17,000 ECs
2nd Prize - 10,000 ECs
3rd Prize - 6,000 ECs
4th Prize - 2,000 ECs
5th & 6th Prizes - 500 ECs

The Sponsors

Time to thank those who have contributed to the contest. Or else, there wouldn’t be nearly this many ECs up for grabs!

5000 ECs
Josh’s Unconventional Marketing Blog WP Themes Gallery

4000 ECs

2000 ECs
Wordpress Theme Designer

1500 ECs

Whatever I Feel Like Blogging About

1000 ECs

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How to Enter

Entering is simple. Earn points by completing certain tasks. The more points you earn, the more entries you’ll receive for the contest. So, if you complete a lot of things as opposed to doing just one, your chances of winning will be greatly increased! Keep track of your own points, and at the end of the contest, a post will be up instructing you to comment on it with your point tally. So, open up Mircosoft Word, and make sure to keep track of how many points you’ve earned. Make sure to link to everything you do. Well, everything you can link to anyways. Comments you make, posts you write, things like that should be linked to so you can just copy and paste your tallied list into a comment at the end of the contest.

Ways to Earn Points

Subscribe by E-mail to EntreBlast (required) - 2 points. Enter your e-mail in the field provided in the EntreBlast site. In addition to getting points, and being able to enter the contest, you’ll be receiving new posts from EntreBlast to your e-mail address regularly! If you are already subscribed, you’re already in! Must be a valid e-mail address.
Make a quality comment on any post - 1 point. You can earn a maximum of 3 points for this one. So, make 3 comments on posts and you will have earned 3 points. Plus, it will bring you closer to being the top commentator!

Be the Top Commentator on EntreBlast for the week - 3 points. Be number one on the Top Commentator list (located in the sidebar) by the end of a week and earn three points. However, there are three chances to be the Top Commentator over the course of the contest, so if you happen to be the top commentator every time, that is 9 points already!

Blog about the contest or EntreBlast - 5 points. Blog about the Summer Credit Splash or just blog about EntreBlast, and you will earn 5 points. Be sure to link to either this contest post or EntreBlast.

Blog about the contest and list all sponsors - 10 points. This is a big one. They want to show the contest sponsors that they made this possible by giving them some love. Blog about this contest and copy the list of sponsors and include it in your post, and earn double the points. You will not earn 15 points for doing this and by bloging about the contest only. Either pick this one or that.

Track Your Points

Remember to keep track of your points as you go along. They will not be collecting point tallies until the contest is over! To make it easier, this is how they suggest it:

  • Subscribe to e-mail to EntreBlast (required) - Just remember the e-mail address you subscribed with.
  • Make a quality comment on any post - Track the name you use for commenting, and link to the posts you comment on.
  • Be the Top Commentator on EntreBlast for the week, but they will be the ones basically keeping track of these.
  • Blog about the contest or EntreBlast
  • Just a link to the post
  • Blog about the contest and list all sponsors
  • Remember the link to the post
That is it!

The contest ends on September 1st. The next day they will be collecting points and on September 8th they will announce the winners!

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