Saturday, August 16, 2008

Publishing Ads: Next Best Way to Make Money Online

Do you know you can make money online by publishing ads of other sites in your blog? Yes...There are numerous programs now that provides payment for every ad, which you will publish on your site.

You ought to submit at least three pages of your site/blog and then wait for approval. Once you get approved, and uploaded the code of a particular website, you will then recieve a monthly payment. It is damn easy. There are two sites that offer you this income.


This site pays you £3 a month for every ad you published on your site. Generally payment will be sent every 15th of the month either through bank transfer or paypal. No need to pay anything- you can make money online with no money. You can upload one ad per page of your site with up to 5 pages per site. Even you can get £5 sign up bonus as a publisher after showing their ads for one full month. You can also make money online by referring others to this site.
Freebies For Webmasters

This site is paying for publishing 469x60 banners. No matter what your site is about. Just you have to upload at least three ads and waiting for the payapl mail at the end of the month. Earn Credit for your Website! Even you can earn money by Referring Publishers to Freebies For Webmasters.

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