Friday, August 8, 2008

Tips to Make Money Online Without Spending a Dime

Most of us don't want to spend single penny and still interested to make money online. Is it possible? Yes... The only condition to make money online at free of cost is you ought to have a computer with Internet access.

Blogging For Dollars

This is the perfect way to make money online. Blogs can easily be created and managed unlike websites, which requires coding knowledge. You can get free domain names either in forums or website like Even you can register either with blogger or wordpress (free hosting also available) to create your own blog. It is matter of seconds.

Set Up Free E-mail Account

Before registering with blogging sites or free domain sites, you need to have free email account. You can get your free email from gmail, yahoo, aol, hotmail, etc.

Decide The Subject

Before start blogging, choose your niche. Niche is nothing but blog subject. You can easily monetize your blog with the following subjects-

Craft Making
Self Improvement
weight Loss

If anything which is more interest to you also can be used to start blogging. Are you interested in reading books, hiking or camping? You can start your own blog on anyone of these niche to make money online.

Once you set up your blog, you should post a short post each day for the first week. Then you can start posting new post every few days. The relevant post will make your readers happy and they'll return to your blog frequently to get more info.

How to Make Money Online?

You can ask this question. Once you get your blog setup you will need to sign up with adsense to get relevant ads in your blog. You can see the recently started blog which incorporated adsense ads HERE. When the visitor clicks ad in your blog,you will be paid.

Affiliate Earnings

Joining affiliate programs is an excellent way to make money online. Thee are so many affiliate programs that offer services or products that would interest your visitors. You can write quick review about this product and post it on your blog. You should recommend your reader to see the features of service and product. Don't try to sell them. Diverting the reader to these affiliate network will definitely help you to earn money online.

Now it is up to you select the topic of your blog and also earn free dollars by blogging. Adding ways of making money with it depends on your selection of money making programs. Think twice before signing up any affiliate program to make money online. Happy Blogging!!!

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