Monday, December 22, 2008

Top Three Ways To earn Traffic

Is your website or blog getting lonely because it doesn't get much traffic?
Here are 3 easy ways to get more visitors.

Ads on Craigslist

There is no fee to post an ad on Craigslist. Don't just post the same ad
to a lot of different categories and cities in the hope that more people
will see it and respond to it. If you want to post an ad to more than one
city make sure the subject of the ad and the ad itself is different, otherwise the
ad may be flagged as spam and deleted. Ads last for 45 days and then need to be

The urls posted on Craigslist get spidered by the search engines on
a regular basis which means there's a good chance that the url will
get indexed.

Write 15 different headlines and 15 different ads. Post one new ad
to a new city each day for two weeks. The headlines should be as
different as possible. The ads themselves only need to vary by 30%
or so.


The ads are free and have the advantage of being indexed quickly by
search engines. Be creative with your ads. Think of a reason why
someone should visit your site and turn that into a 5 or 6 sentence
ad. Anytime you write an ad think of the benefits to the potential
customer not the attributes of your product/website.

Post one new ad each day for two weeks. Change up the title and the
content of the ad. You could use the same ads as those posted on

Amazon profile and submit reviews for books and products

It's easy and free to set up an Amazon profile. Think of books
you've already read and write a brief review. It doesn't have to
be more than a couple hundred words. At the end of the review
include the name of your product/book/website. You can't include a
link at this point because Amazon doesn't want people visiting
other sites. If you have a book include the ISBN. It's easy for
people to search on an ISBN and get exactly your book, rather than
searching your name, or book title.

You can get double duty from your reviews by setting up a blog and
posting the same reviews to your blog. In each review include a
link to your website.

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