Thursday, September 27, 2007

Make Money Online Through Million Dollar Wiki Page Purchase

Most of the youth generation are scooping their brain to invent new innovative ideas--How to earn quick money? One such idea is purchasing million dollar wiki page. You need not have own website. Just spend $100 to buy a page in a useful domain- Milliondollar wiki.

Actually, Graham Langdon's brain child is the Million Dollar Wiki. You can write anything in this page right from how to care for your pet to how to choose a perfect used car? The main thing is you should understand the need of the visitor. You can place different affiliate link by building a page for earn easy money also. (Jhon chow is using the page for promoting affiliate link...)

The Million Dollar Wiki webmaster is having an idea of selling $100/page for 10,000 pages. He started his site in the end of March 2007. Already he sold out 150 pages.He will allow the page to stay back for at least 15 years. (It is a quite looong period- Isn't it?)

Popular bloggers- Jhon Chow and shoe money already purchased and ringtone wiki respectively. They are using these pages formake money online wiki affiliate links and details about ring tones to catch hold of the visitors. So, how about you?

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