Friday, September 14, 2007

Simple SEO Tips for Make Money Online Through Blogging

Wanna to make your blog rank much higher in Search Engines? Then do follow these simple Search engine optimization techniques to get more traffic to your blog to earn easy money online.

1.Primary keyword usage in your domain

Try to select the domain with your primary keyword. Please bear in mind that use hyphen between two words domain (e.g. instead of because except google , Yahoo and MSN other search engines cannot identify your primary keyword in the domain name unless you use hyphen inbetween.

2. Include primary keyword in the sub domain

If you're launching a site about webhosting. Your target keyword is free webhosting and your domain name is, then your subdomain should be

3. Primary keyword in the title

Try to include the primary keyword in the title itself. If your target keyword is free webhosting, try to include this keyword not only in the title but also in the H1 and H2 tag of the particular article.

4. Secondary keyword usage

Try to identify the secondary keywords for your selected term and include the same in the body of the article to get more traffic for your blog to make money online easily.

5. Blog Backlinks

Try to build relevant back links for your blog. you can submit your blog to top blog directories listed in this link-

If you have any interested article in any blog, generously give back link to your blog because the trackback will become a link back to your blog.

Posting non-spammed comments in the "do-follow" blogs of your relevant niches will help you to build back links and also more traffic for getting easy money line.

Last but not least try to back link with the adsense blog not only to get more traffic but also you can earn more money through blogging...

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Neha Nair said...

Not a bad idea. so u must be minting money through blogging. 2 reasons y i commented on your post:
1. The day u posted this was my b'day.
2. I liked the idea f ur post. it was unique