Monday, September 17, 2007

Explode Your Blog Traffic with Blogrush

Wanna make money online from your blog? The best way is to increase your traffic to your blog. This will definitely help you to mint money as most of your visitors might have clicked your adsense or other ad services in your blog. So, your primary concern is to improve the traffic to your blog. The perfect way to improve traffic is to sign up with BLOGRUSH.

What is Blogrush?

Blogrush placed a widget on your blog. This widget contains five relevant topics of the top most bloggers of the blogrush. You can easily see the demonstration of this in a video shot in the website. The main advantage of clicking the ad in the widget is that a new page will be opened. So you need not worry about losing your visitor. The sample of widget is as follows:

Syndication Credit System Formula

They are following the syndication credit system formula. More over, a visitor who visited a blog through the widget may add few credits to your account, which may push you up in the blogrush directory. So your news feed will be displayed more time in the other bloggers widget to fetch you more visitors.

They are going to offer bonus credit also! They will be continuously improving BlogRush for a very long time to come. Then, still why are you waiting? All these benefits are available at free of cost only. So please sign up here...

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