Sunday, September 23, 2007

Make Money Online Through Viral Marketing

Do you know there are numerous ways to begin viral marketing than the good old email marketing campaign? This is the high time to get know about those viral marketing techniques to make money online.

Although e-mail marketing is too old to use, still it is having its own role in viral marketing. E-mail would reach the clients hand directly.

Flash Games

This is another costly technique to make money online through viral marketing. The only difficulty is it is little costly to start with. For getting good viral marketing campaign this is considered to be an effective tool. It requires nothing from you after you've started these games.

Video Clips

Including interesting videos in your site will definitely made your visitors to bookmark your site for future reference. Sometimes they will refer your site to their friends for the cool videos in your site.

Tell-a-Friend Script

Adding this script in your website along with an assurance that you will never disclose the email address to third parties will help you to build a potential customer list.

Chat Rooms

A chat room in your website will help your customers not only to interact with each others but also review your product in an effective manner to increase the sales.

In addition to this, you can announce that in the chat room specilist on a particular subject is available to answer their querries in a given time in a given date.


Although this is an extension of email, providing valuable and timely information in the newsletter will definitely drive a huge traffic to your make money online site.

Do follow these simple tips of viral marketing to popularize your website among your preferred target groups. They will not only peep into your website but also make use of your affiliate links and adsense ads in your website to help you to make money online.

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Jason said...

Thanks for all the good info, I will check it out... been looking for something like this for a while now.