Sunday, July 29, 2007

Journey to $500…

I have googled the term “Make Money Online”. I am sooo motivated to see so much of results- 230,000,000. Out of these numbers of results, is the NO-1 site today.

Being inspired by reading that blog, I’ve been inspired to get my blog to at least make $500 online by the end of six months (23:59, 31 st December, 2007)

“That’s not huge amount!” you might think, I’m only a newbie, doing this in my spare time of content creation job will definitely help pay off my yearly Insurance!

My plan is to sign up with various online money making programmes viz. Paid to post, paid text links and link sales after getting descent PR.

Also, I’ll use blogexplosion to drive more traffic to my blogs, which in turn, will get more visitors to my blog to improve my PR.

So I have started my Journey towards $500…

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