Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dewitts Media Company offers $10 per post

Are you having a PR-3 blog? Are you searching for good online money making opportunity? Then, Dewitts Media Company is a perfect fit for you… De Witt’s Media is in need of good publishers. That’s why they’re paying $10 per post. But their only condition is your Blog should have a PR of 3+.

They had a recent problem with the publishers as they haven’t respond after a lot of recent sign ups. So they have removed the non-responsive publishers from their project. Hope you won’t be fallen in that category.

Sign up for their mailing list and get some special offers they are having for the bloggers. You’ll be notified about their forum community they are getting ready to start, their forum community will be large it will contain job offer, ASP scripts, PHP scripts, Popular SEO’s opinion about your sites, Directory Submission, Contextual links and Advertising, and much more they will notify you when they have it up.

If you're having a blog with PR-1 or PR-2 , don't worry! You'll be placed under pending status you'll get PR-3. Hope your blog will get Pr-3 in the next update, if you're blogging regularly till next update...

You can get paid real money for blogging about the things you love – That’s why this is by far my favorite blog advertising service.

It's true! You would just paid by Dewitt's Media as soon as you finished your assignment! And the best part is you get paid immediately by Paypal!

It not only fetches few dollars to your wallet but also builds content for your site…

Join Dewitts Media Company today and get paid to blog!


Stewie said...

This is an amazing way to make money from home! It is AMAZING!!! You gotta try this! Just watch the video!!

triathlontraining said...

That's a great bit of info you've found. None of my blogs are yet to have any PR, but I'll keep this in mind.