Friday, January 25, 2008

Perfect Contest to Win Free Ads Worth $410

While browsing one of my favorite blog(, I came across a wonderful contest that fetch us ad worth $410.

Although there are 19 different prizes to the person who brings more traffic to this winning the web blog , I am having an eye on free review of $100 worth in this blog. The guy who runs this blog is Gyutae park, an Internet entrepreneur as well as a professional SEO working for a top agency in New York City.

His blog Winning the web is really a worth visiting daily. His blog ranks 20,500 in technorati and is having 257 authorities.

He promotes 19 prizes to the most traffic bringing site as he recently revamped his ad positions in his blog. I'm already in for this contest what about you?

Still why are you waiting? Go ahead and check out this post get to know about this contest. ALL THE BEST!!!

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