Friday, February 18, 2011

Make Money Online: Work for Google...

It feels great to announce that Lionbridge is employing internet raters presently. While working on the position you do not need to take phone calls. A simple data entry job can be performed by sitting at home. Now if the question what is an internet rater is coming across mind then it is fine. The internet rater is a professional who has to evaluate the results obtained after conducting search on internet. It has to be checked whether the results are suitable for query input or not. Various jobs available at home ask the individual to take inbound calls from customers for service purposes.

Hiring instantly: Apply Before the Opportunity Slips Away

Have you always ended up applying for fake jobs? Well it is time to get above and apply for authentic home jobs right away.

The company Lionbridge provides job offers to people in different parts of the world who want to work from home. All these jobs are highly authentic and workers get a chance to earn money simply by using internet at their home. Generally, the payment done for home based jobs vary from $7 to $ 10 for an hour. However, Lionbridge provides you a chance to make more money for yourself. The company Lionbridge compensates $ 15 to its employees for working just one hour. Above all, these jobs are not like other home based jobs where phone calls need to be attended. The variety of jobs available at Lionbridge is matchless and you can make good money even by working for 10 hours in a week. Anyone looking forward to make money on internet should contact the company Lionbridge as it has loads of home based job offers for people like you.

The company has kept highly flexible hours for working for the workers. Individuals who want to apply for work from home jobs at Lionbridge must possess perfect English skills. Before the work is assigned to a person, he is supposed to appear for an exam. If the exam is passed successfully then he can get work from Lionbridge with ease. The exam has been divided into two parts. The first part of paper includes 24 theoretical questions while the second part contains 150 practical questions. For further details about the exam, candidates can contact the company.

The candidates should fulfill the following requirements for the position

• Fluency in English reading and writing.
• Individuals might be asked to provide certificates showing competency in English
• The person should be living in the country for at least five years as historical and cultural knowledge is essential
• Computer with internet connectivity at home is mandatory along with good research skills at search engine.
• You must possess the ability of using your knowledge for improving browsing sessions at internet.
• Handle time properly and manage to take out 10-12 hours in a week for the work
• College students, retired people or teachers can apply for the position

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