Saturday, April 16, 2011

Three Great Ways to Make Money Online Through Google AdSense

I'm sure most of you know what Google AdSense is all about by now. For those who don't, here's a primer: AdSense is a program that you can sign up on to allow Google to place advertising on your website. The ads are less intrusive than most other advertising programs and are often relevant to the content of the website. You earn money based on the number of visitors to your site. More visitors = more potential customers.

But, where can we put the advertisements? Here are three kinds of sites that are sure to make the most out of the program.

1. Community Websites

These include Social Networking sites such as Friendster and Myspace, as well as portals that cater to the interests of a specific community like Newgrounds. These sites tend to generate high traffic from users who drop in multiple times daily to check for updates, as well as those who publish on blogs and articles.

2. Forums

Message boards are another high-traffic kind of site. Forums like receive thousands of hits daily. Sometimes, forums, due to the sheer amount of information in them, develop into Community Portals. An example of this would be Due to their nature, these sites tend to require more work and tending to attract membership and promote growth.

3. Niche-interest Websites

Sites that cater to the Aquarium or Gardening community are examples of this kind of website. They're usually frequented by a relatively small but loyal number of visitors.

You typically need to keep updating the site with good articles that' keyword-rich and search engine friendly to increase membership.

Take your time building your websites and Google AdSense can guarantee you a lifetime of income.

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