Friday, June 14, 2013

Make Money Online With Affiliate Programs in Forum

This is the best option for those who do not have any start up money and for those who only want to earn a few hundred bucks a month by working online. Don’t expect to earn much from this method but I can guarantee you, sales will come in! Take this as a stepping stone, earn a few hundred bucks and roll the money!

A forum is an online discussion group where participants with common interests can exchange open messages.

Promoting affiliate programs in forum is extremely easy and profitable. Go to any of your favorite search engines and look for “forum+stay at home moms” or whatever your site or affiliate programs is all about. The you will be automatically be in touch with people who are specifically related to you site or affiliate programs. This is a technique I discovered to make money online very quickly without spending a dime.

You can do this by including a signature block at the end of which of your posts containing a link to you affiliate programs. So forums do not allow direct affiliate links in their post but there are plenty that do. The same applies for you when you are writing articles online and would like to contain your affiliate link within the text. There is an easy solution to this but how? Purchase a domain name and redirect your domain name to your affiliate link!

Domain name can be purchase with price ranging from $8 to $20 per year. It’s a small investment which can provide you with huge rewards. Choose a different domain name for each affiliate programs you wish to promote. For example, if you wish to promote an affiliate program called “Golf For Beginners”, then you can buy a domain name related to this affiliate programs. You may need to check the availability of the domain name that you wish to purchase. I bought mine from Once you purchase the domain name, go to the homepage of the company that you purchase it from and do the following steps:

-go to your account setting
-manage domain
-domain forwarding
-insert URL or website address which you would like your domain name to be forwarded to (your affiliate link)
-save the settings

That’s it! It may take up to 48 hours to process the results but from then on, whenever someone type your domain, the site will be immediately redirected to the affiliate website which you have signed up with. You can then use the domain name of website address in your signature block in forum posts, on blogs or in articles and you will be driving traffic to the merchant site.

If you join a forum, I recommend that you participate for a few days before you start introducing your affiliate program to others. Read the rules of the forum that you participate before you do any post to prevent your post being deleted. Different forum have different rules, so read up the rules before you post.

Even if you are not constantly raving about your specific products, you could go in and chat. That is also very profitable because you can customize your signature block. Underneath your signature text, make sure you put a link to your affiliate programs. That way, every time you post, other will see your signature, and they click on it and decided to make a purchase, you would make money.

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