Sunday, July 27, 2008

How to get Free .Edu and .Gov Backlinks?

Do you know you can easily get the .edu and .gov links at free of cost? Although it is a secret, it is known to most of the make money online webmasters including johnchow and problogger.

Search engines, especially Google will give you better placement if you have strong sites linking back to you. i.e. you can get descent PR in the next update.

Just now discovered the technique of finding .edu and .gov blogs and forums that will help give you the link juice you need to rank all that much better.

Just install search status plugin in your browser to find out whether the blog is a "nofollow" or not. After you install this, enable “highlight nofollow links” by right clicking the search status icon in the top left corner of your browser and then make the appropriate selection. Once this is done any links that are nofollow will be highlighted in red.

Thats all!!! Now you can easily search the blogs with .gov and .edu to find it whether it is dofollow or nofollow. In order to find the .gov and .edu blog and forums simply do a search in MSN, Yahoo, and Google with these terms “”,,”, and “”.

Once you have spotted the blog with dofollow, immediately comment on it. Beware commenting in more than five .edu and .gov blogs will lead your blog being black listed by search engines. Nowadays search engines are smarter than human beings...

In addition to this, your comments should be realistic rather than spam comments like very good post, I like your bog, etc. Even you can try to incorporate your targeted keyword in the comment.

Happy blogging!!!

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Jeff Miller said...

Really good post but I think that there is an error in the search terms that you listed. You wrote:

“”,,”, and “”

I believe that it should be:

“”,,”, and “”

Jeff Miller
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