Saturday, July 26, 2008

Knol- a Real Threat to Wikipedia?

Three days before Google launched a new service called knol- nothing but short version of KNOWLEDGE. In knol, people can write articles on their favorite niche.

Most people don’t see Knol as a direct threat to Wikipedia. Most of the webmasters are comparing knol with wikipedia. As Google announces, this is not a real threat to wikipedia because Google stipulated few conditions.

First thing, all the pages are having "No-follow" tag. Google says Knol authors can also add New Yorker magazine cartoons to their pages and make money off ads. So Knol is considered to be a best of all.

Google encourages people to create more commanding articles on different subjects that can be indexed by its search engine and monetized with ads.

Google is encouraging people to create more authoritative content that can be indexed by its search engine and monetized with ads. Several bloggers see Knol as Google's attempt to compete with Wikipedia, while others point out the differences between the projects.

Let us see the result within a month- whether it would be a hit like ORKUT or not. So, don't wait for the last moment as this latest Google initiative to be the best source of information . even you can make money online byplacing adsense ads in your article of knol. ALL THE BEST!!!

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