Friday, March 12, 2010

How To Compare Forex Broker?

How To Compare Forex Broker?

Are you ready to compare Forex brokers. I am going to discuss what are things you should keep in mind while comparing two forex brokers-

1. Information About Company

You collect the following information to ascertain the credibility of the broker-

a. Headquarters

b.Number of client accounts

c. Number of employees

d. Year of foundation

e. Year of Forex division

f. Adjusted Net Capital

2. Customer Service

This is an important thing you should inquire about them. You should inquire about-

a. Email response time

b. Place trade over the phone?

c. Customer service hours

d. Customer service access

3. Trading Platform

You can get an idea about the forex broker after discussing the following things-

a. Hedging

b. Mobile alerts

c. Email alerts

d. Market commentary

e. Trade from charts

f. Streaming news feed

g. Availability of free demo account

4. Account Options

This is an important criteria to know about the Forex Brokers service. You should enquire about-

a. Withdrawal options

b. Deposit options

c. Rollover interest

d. Maximum leverage

e. Contract sizes offered

f. Commission

g. Types of accounts

h. Type of broker

i. Account currency

Based on these information, you can compare and contrast a pair of forex brokers. After getting answers for these queries, you can select your forex broker who satisfy your needs. Happy Forexing!!!

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