Sunday, March 21, 2010

Top Ten Tips for Better SEO Content Creation

Do you know Google will always love your site if you provide a quality content? The main goal of SEO copywriting is building quality articles by keeping readers and search engines in mind. You can get more organic traffic as well as backlinks through linkbaits if your writing is excellent. Quality SEO content creation is part and parcel of a website and blog. Thats why I have provided top ten things you should keep in mind for SEO content creation.

1. Use number List

The article is long and often boring to drive readers.
If the article is long or you wanted to be of interesting to try to use the list often. This will facilitate the reader to understand our content. Famous post in most blogs should be some kind of list. Create a list can be time consuming, but it is all worth it when you see the number of backlinks and traffic it receives.

Use synonyms and plurals

It is positive that restricted use of any of the keywords.
It is good to follow a bit repetition is important keywords. But it is not easy to use the main keywords once or twice in the Treaty. So, the use of synonyms, which has the same meaning in your most important keyword in your keyword list, and plurals. This will extend the targeted keywords and add relevant keywords in the Treaty. Your article is keyword-rich, targeted content for these keywords.

3. Use Relevant Video

There are tons of new videos and YouTube.
Use it in your message. If you plan to use personal video, to optimize the SEO Tips video. It is not the best idea to send the message, and when looking at the videos and content that promotes the content of the search engine. So, if you want to send some important message, that it makes sense to make its content. But the combination of content and the full video.

4. Add the image alt tag

Picture of your article to use more often. Some readers of the blog hopping, stop and read the message, if they can find the pictures are attractive. I am not asking you to use only the sexy woman pictures of what all the posts. Instead, you can use some humor, drawings, diagrams, comics, etc. that is relevant to your message. Always use the alt code for the image. Name the image file name in the appropriate keyword.

5. Use bold, italic, and underline the importance Keywords

Make use of bold, italics and underlines the form of an article or a blog.
This is an effective way to highlight the importance of keywords, or links on the page. Some SEO experts have indicated that the use of bold or italics more emphasis on keywords in the article. I noticed that many bloggers virtually free way to add keyword popularity of their blog.

6. Declare Meta Tags

States the proper meta title, meta description and meta keywords for each blog post or article has.
It represents the way our article examines the search results to visitors. A good meta tags for search click on motivating our posts or articles. So, take some time to write a review, which is attractive to each post. Limit the title is 70 letters, 160 letter description and keywords with 4-5 words per message. Avoid stuffing meta tags for keywords frequently used synonyms, or other keywords.

7. Share Important Links

Displaying external links to other sites that are relevant to you not only increase their popularity, but you also.
If you are surfing some info but can find all the information on one page, you do not bookmark this page? Data will increase the number of links to the page's ranking. Remember, try to be too much, as it may seem spam. Limiting the maximum of 100 links on one page would be a good idea.

8. Keyword Research

Use the keyword research analysis is the most important value is to create new content.
It allows you to target the low competitiveness of the keywords and get up and draw the traffic almost immediately, instead of fighting big giants who have created a strong footprint of more than a large competitive keywords. Use the appropriate keyword density of your article and do not use too much repetition or stuffed keywords. Not only does it look bad for readers,

9. Attractive title

Having an attractive title of the blog or article we should have, in order to attract more visitors.
Be sure to add important keywords first in the title. In addition, the numbers may also be helpful. For example, this blog, I choose "10", because many, and "content creation SEO Tips" is the most important keyword phrase for this post. Most of the top Stumbleupon, Digg, etc., are a combination of numbers and the keyword type title.

10. Direct

Writing has often led to out of the topic, so keep the content directly relevant.
Make a list of key words and key words to establish their own words. Do not go off topic. If you are looking for "how to build a chicken coop and search for Article on Google. I am sure that as soon close the page if it is some rambling about" baking a cake stories. "Instead, the article that really shows step by step instructions on" how to build a chicken coop "might help us, and we may stay a little longer or to monitor their activities also. We believe the contents of a narrow section title is a great content.

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