Saturday, April 26, 2014

Common Mistakes In Search Engine Optimization

Most of the make money online bloggers are doing different search engine optimization techniques to get descent pagerank. But some of them are doing common mistakes while updating their blogs. The common mistakes in SEO are as follows:-
1.  Non-usage of keywords in the content
2.  Images as headlines
3.  Using flash without HTML
4.  Improper usage of URLS
5.  Using Javascript menus
6.  Irrelevant keyword linking
7.  Forgetting to upload HTML attribute rel=”nofollow”
8.  Not minimizing duplicate content
9.  Wastage of time on the meta tags
10. Not updating and maintaining the blog regularly
In addition to this, some of the bloggers have started heated arguments in their comments section. Instead of taking the negative comments of some readers as so sensitive, you can take those comments as positively and respond with a thank you note or a subtle redeeming remark.
If you talk too much about your marketing Spiels, the readers would be too bored to read the content. Try to make your blog more informative in such a way that your readers can get news and ideas which they can make money online. Happy Blogging!!!

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