Monday, April 28, 2014

Thinks To Think Before Link Building

All of us know that link building plays an important role in making your blog/site more populous among the web world. You should know perfect technique to build useful links. The link building strategies are known to a SEO specialist. If you’re a blogger noob you should know how to build perfect links for making money online.
You should think the following link building strategies are really important for getting descent pagerank-

1. Article Directories

2.Guest Appearances

3. Networking Emails

4.Linking Out

5.Social Media Sites

Submitting your same article to twenty article directories is of no use because the engines discount duplicate content having multiple sites republish your article (and linked byline) no longer does the trick by itself.
You can write guest posts in few other blogs with a quality link to your blog. Please keep in mind that you should place the appropriate link in the guest post. Most of the content writer link to their site or blog URL in the byline of contributed content. It is not advisable. Instead of linking to your blog URL, you should feature your cornerstone content instead of your home page.

NO :
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Most of us think that link begging fetches no results. There is no need to begging for links. You can ask the fellow bloggers through email and instant messaging through chat boxes. This help me to get more useful links for this blog and also establish and grow relationship with others in the social media space. These are called as LINKERATI- prominent web forum contributors, web journalists, top DIGG users, and prominent bloggers in your niche.
It is nothing but to post relevant message in your relevant niche blog. This will draw the attention of the search engines and your comment will be considered as a valuable LINK.
You should be very careful in your reply because most bloggers will delete the comments if it is a spam. The key is to be strategic about how you link and what your say.
I think you know huge number of social media sites. But the top most social media sires are Digg, Propeller, Delicious. If you want to shake your server, then do bookmark with FARK. Even you can use other sites like Magnolia, TechMeme, Reddit, etc.
The best way to get more traffic from these site is just try to place your headline in the front page of any one of these social media sites. If you’ve done a great job with your headline, it should magnetically draw people in.
I have simply followed these tips and not only to get handful of visitors for this blog but also tomake money online with no money. ALL THE BEST!!!

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