Friday, February 29, 2008

How to get 4000 uniques in 4 months for your blog?

So, you have launched your new blog and started to post useful posts content that your niche market would benefit from and enjoy. After few more days, you will keep publishing, but nobody turns to your blog to made useful comments and your traffic stats are barely registering.

What will you do?

So, think now before you get this situation.

Just 10 minutes per day will do a rest. Because new content in your blog will attract the search engine spiders and you'll get more traffic for your blog. Have a commitment in such a way that blog a day.

Sign up with feedburner to made available in your blog and invite everyone in your network to subscribe: family, friends, colleagues, clients, associates.

Use pingoat to ping blog directories. Do this every time you publish.

Comment on other blogs with your blog URL, Please do comment useful comments. Don't use spammy comments like Nice blog, Fantastic theme, nice design etc.

Make use of blog directories to submit your blog manually to attract more visitors.

If you're having website try to place the blog link in each and every page to get more visitors.

Though these are simple tips, there are few more available in the blogosphere keep on tracking them to attract 4000 unique visitors in four months.

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Saamy said...

Although I have been using / aware of the tactics listed in this post, I like the way it has been consolidated here. It would be definitely a ready reckoner for the newbies.

Keep up the good work.