Friday, February 22, 2008

Top Ten Legally Free Image Sources

So, you have build your new website. Now it is time to post regularly in your blog. A research confirms that a post with image grabs more visitors than a simple write up.

Although you might have come across free images, those images are belonged to people who created them. "Legally free" means you can make use of these images in either in your blog or site without paying single pie as a royalty.

Fortunately, there are number of sources that offers free images, and I've collected them here. So read on for top ten sources where you can find legally free image sources: and don't worry - they're all legal!

Are you looking for mainstream images? Then, following are the perfect place to look for the same-
1. Free Stock Images
2. DexHaus
3. Cepolina
4. Visipix
5. PD Photo
6. Free Digital Photos
7. Free Photos Bank
8. Digital Dreamer
9. Kavewall
10.Free Foto

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