Monday, March 17, 2008

How To Get Strong Backlinks?

Wanna get descent PR in next update to make money online? Then, this is the right time to get to know the secret of getting quality backlinks at free of cost.

Are you ready to know the perfect secret to make money online by building quality links? First go to this directory- directory, (Free directory).

Then find a suitable website category for your niche. Then click the "Submit Link" icon. wait for few minutes to get approved and see your inbox for the same.

Once you get a positive answer, go to your site details, for example:
You are this auto insurance quote webmaster

Right upon, you will see a list of social bookmarks, under the "Bookmark This Page" you can see the list of social bookmark sites viz Furl, Digg,, Blink, Google and few more.

While you are watching your page, click on all of those social bookmarking and register (for free)

After you register to all of them, come back to your link again and start to click on the social bookmarking icons again this time, to submit this url, on the title add your desired key/tag/title for example:
"Your one stop auto Insurance Quote solutions"
"auto Insurance solutions"

Again, If you don't have account on all of those social bookmarking website, just sign up it's easy and free.

It will take some weeks/months but it will take affect on google SERP/PR.

This page get strong and will have a PR, while you are the only quality link there, it will help increase yours. This will take affect on SERP google and other search engines.

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Tey said...

Thanks for this info. I am searcing for ways to page higher pr and this help me a lot