Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Make Money Online: Getting Related Links to Your Site

Do you want to know that how to get the good links from the related sites. At least now you have thought about it. Thank God!!!

Getting related links especially one-way links would boost your site/blog value. Different search engines will frequently visit your blog/site.

Most of the webmasters will submit to different directories about their site. Some of them will entertain link exchange in different forums also.

One step further, some of the site owners will write and beg the webmasters of sites related to them requesting for a link. If begging doesn't give result, you can always soften those webmasters offering some cash. It's up to you.

Now we are going to discuss about the things to identify your related links to your site. You can easily make money online by getting useful one-way links, as it will increase your sites exposure to search engines.

Say, you are having finance website- say, make money onlne. You should follow the following tips to identify the related links-

You should go to Google and search for:
  1. +"submit your site" +"Make money online "
  2. +"Add URL" +"Make Money online"
  3. +"Add your link" +"Make money online"
  4. +"Add your website" +" Make money online "
  5. +"Add your site" +" Make money online
  6. +"link exchange" +" Make money online

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