Saturday, March 29, 2008

Make Money Online: By Selling Go Daddy Promo Coupons

There are multi various techniques to make money online. You can easily make money online by selling Go Daddy promo coupons available in the Internet.

I have quick-clicked the Google to accumulate available GoDaddy Promo code and coupon-- half the codes I'm finding are useless, so I have collected the working coupons only.

You can sell these coupons in different forums for just $1. Say if a customer uses a coupon he will get a dot com domain of $9.99 for $6.95. You can give this coupon for just $1. So the customer can save $2.

You can give these coupon at free of cost also for a service they rendered for you. e.g. forum posting, content creation, etc.
It is all up to you...

Godaddy Promo Code and Coupon List for 2008

gdd1101c - 10% off any order of $40 or more

hash3 - $6.95 .com registration

hash2 - $5 off $30
hash1 - 10% off

chill3 - $6.95 .coms

chill2 - $5 off $30

chill1 - 10% off

BTPS4 - 10% off anything

OYH2 - $5 off a $30 purchase

OYH1 - 10% off whatever

BTPS7 - 20% any order of $50 or more

OYH3 - $3 off / $6.95 any .COM (renewals too... just used it)

If you know any more coupons, you can place them in the comments below. Please post your new coupons in the comment!

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