Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Adding Value to Your Information Product

With so many ebooks and other information products on the internet today, how can you make your offer stand out? That's what we will cover in this article:

1) Bonuses. Throwing in bonuses with your offer is an effective way to add value. But with so many other internet marketers offering bonuses with their information products, how can you differentiate yourself? Start by choosing bonuses that compliment your main information product. For example, if you are selling an ebook on article marketing, you could include a report on how to write great articles.

Where can you find bonuses to offer your customers? You can create them yourself, download them from a number of different free ebook sites, or purchase private label rights to ebooks and reports that you can modify and give away with your information product. Of course, you will want to check for any licensing restrictions when it comes to distributing ebooks or reports published by others.

Ideally, you want to throw in a few bonuses with your offer. If you throw in five bonuses with your information product that's a good start. In addition, if you can put a valid "retail" price on the bonuses (example: Retail value of all 5 ebooks: $120!) that's even better.

2) Give more than your competitors. We all love to get the maximum value for our money. That's why you want to try to deliver more than your competitors. Let's go back to the article marketing ebook example. Suppose your competitor is offering a similar ebook at a similar price. Why not also include article submission software as part of information product offering; or maybe you'll offer two ebooks for the price of one; or what about a free article marketing email consultation with you as part of your primary offer? These are just some examples. Get a pencil and piece of paper, and ask yourself: "How can I give my customers more than my competitors?”

Remember, the more value your visitors see in your information product the more sales you will make. So take time to think about how you can make your information product offering highly competitive.

3) Make sure your information product is presented professionally. Another way to add value to your information product is to have solid sales copy on your sales page and a professional looking website.

If you are not good at writing sales copy, or don't want to, then you can purchase sales letter software or hire a freelancer that fits your budget. To give your website a professional appearance you can use website design software, a website template, or hire a freelancer. Of course, much will depend on your budget and how much time you can dedicate to the task.

A professional looking website with strong sales copy can equal value in the eyes of your potential customers because people tend to be visual. Haven't you ever purchased one information product over another because it had a more professional looking website? You may have even paid more for the information product, because of the perceived value.

In this article, we have looked at three ways you can add value to your information product. How many are you using right now? And are you maximizing each one? If not, or if your information product sales are not where you want them to be, it's worth re-evaluating your current offering to see if you can add more value - it just may be the answer to more sales!

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