Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Creating Audio Interviews- One More Make Money Online Tip

Do you know you can make money online not only by writing e-books but also by creating audio interviews? Information marketing covers e-book sales, Product sales (software package sales) and audio interview sales.

Out of those three ways, e-book marketing is not only difficult to perform but also one of the hardest ways to write on your own.You should rent a free lancer to do this work, which is time consuming and expensive.

Software package sales is not easy task for a newbie like you. It requires a website with sales page. You should drive enormous traffic to the site and also make the visitors to your customers.

Nowadays audio interviews are gaining its importance among the internet surfers. Simple they can download the interview of the internet marketers.

How To make Audio Interviews?

Find the expert in the particular field and interview him/her. Then convert the interview into MP3 and set up a sales page. Then do get Joint venture promotions followed by advertise in different PPC and contextual ad programs like Google adwords, Bidvertiser and Kontera.

Once you completed these steps, you can start make money online without difficulty. But here also it reqires constant dedication and hard work to earn money online...

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