Friday, November 2, 2007

How to Attract Direct Advertisers to Your Make Money Online Blog?

The best way to make money online through your blog is attracting the direct advertisers to place their banners in your blog. The perfect way to attract the advertisers is to-
1. Improvise your Alexa rank
2. Attaining High Page rank
3. Good ranking in Technorati

Improve your Alexa rank

Alexa ranks your blog depending upon the traffic you are receiving. Hence getting more traffic to your blog is an important task. Try to get legitimate ways to get good traffic.

High Google PR

Page rank is an important factor which attracts your direct advertisers. You can get good PR if you are having-

  • Good Quality blog
  • More Inbound Links
  • Quality links pointing to your blog

Good Technorati Ranking

Technorati is the "Google of Blogs". Hence getting good rank in technorati is mandatory. You can get good ranking and authority in technorati once you are having more blogs pointing towards your blog. If you have manage to get good number of blogs pointing your blog, you will not only get good ranking in Technorati but also higher authority.

You can get good number of links from others blog by commenting on in their blogs (do-follow tag). Here is the way to get good link for your blog...

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