Saturday, November 17, 2007

Google Slashed Payperpost: My blog from PR-4 to PR-0

Are you running make money online blog? Have you ever checked your PR today? Are you shocked? Yes!!! Google might have bring your PR to zero if you have ever thanked payperpost in your blog.

Not only payperpost but also review me

Google is looking for phrases such as PPP, PayPerPost,ReviewMe, Payu2blog, etc. in the text of your post. Once they detected, your PR will be fixed to zero irrespective of your current PR.

Bloggers lost their PR

Actually some of the bloggers had their blog de-ranked last night because they mentioned PPP in their post to earn money online. Although the blogger has never taken a sponsored post, nor does he sell sponsored links, he also being penalized for using those words in his post. (even PR of is slashed to zero, as they have used payperpost in their news section)

I think Google is working on it to give a helping hand to the suffering bloggers (like CNN) not posted sponsored post in their blog.

IZEA, the parent company of pay per post is working on something called REALRANK (code named Project GOO Gone) to give a fitting reply to google.

Do you think is it fair to do like this to the make money online bloggers? What is your opinion? Stamp it in the comment section...


Martin2000 said...

Don't worry about pagerank.

lady influence said...

my PR is zerofied too.. but my SERP is doing well.. nothing to really cry about.. lets worry then get over it.. we can do nothing about it..


Zeeshan Syed said...

Google is not looking for those terms alone. The bot analyzes the whole site first. There are a LOT of companies and industries in the world that use PPP as their company's abbreviation. For instance, there is a political party in Pakistan called PPP and you get to read about it on different news websites. Does this mean that all those news websites/blogs are going to get a PR0? I don't think.