Saturday, November 24, 2007

Wanna Make Money Online By Placing Ads in Your Site?

Are you having a website and having UK bank account? Then you can make money online by placing ads of the advertisers from the site

This website have found advertisers who are willing to display ads on all the web pages. They are offering £3 a month into your bank account for doing nothing but placing ads of the advertisers in one page of your website.

When you submit your site, they have a pool of advertisers that match your site to. You can submit at least 5 sites ( If they find a relevant match, the advertiser pays a monthly fee to appear on your website).

If you have placed ads in five pages of your domain, you will get 15 pounds. This 15 pounds is actually more than your domain name and web hosting cost per year. The widgets they're presenting is more or less similar to that of Google Adsense--so it will really face lifts your blog/site..

If you have your own website and an UK bank account, you can apply and get approved from Your bank will be credited with the amount on every 15th of each month. So, are you ready to make money online?

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