Monday, November 5, 2007

Make Money Online: Review Movies Online...

Are you well-versed in English? Can u write reviews? Then, this is a simple job for you... You can get $3 in your paypal for just reviewing your recent seen movie online. Thats all!!!

Have you seen any recent movies?
Check out this site to see whether your recent seen movie is reviewed or not. If not, submit a unique review of your movie.

If the webmaster of this site likes your review, he will credit your paypal account with $3. At least it will replace your movie ticket cost. Or have a coke with your girl friend for this money (lol)!!!
Although this is low revenue online, if you have reviewed at least 10 movies, your wallet will be filled with $30, which is a considerable amount...

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lady influence said...

thanks for the information.. haven't heard of this site, until i read your post.. this will add up to my money making programs..